Once Human: How To Get A Motorcycle

Your first vehicle awaits you!

In Once Human, players will have to survive against various enemies in a post apocalyptic world. Many of these enemies are dotted around the world. So, you’ll need a reliable method of traveling through the game world. This is where the motorcycle can come in handy!

However, if you’re having trouble getting the motorcycle, we have you covered. In this guide, we’ll look at multiple ways in which you can get a motorcycle in Once Human. Both of them are important as we’ll see in the guide. Let’s dive in!

How To Get A Motorcycle

To get a motorcycle, there are two methods that you’ll need to utilize. Here are both of these methods in Once Human:

  • Obtain the motorcycle through the story from Mary
  • Craft the motorcycle at the Garage.

Now, let’s look in detail at how you can get the motorcycle with both methods. Keep in mind the first method will only allow you to get it free once. After that, you’ll need to rely on the second method, and use resources.

Method #1 – Advance The Story

The first method for getting the motorcycle in Once Human is pretty straightforward. All you’ll need to do is advance through the story after the tutorial.

Simply follow the mission objectives in the top left corner of your screen. Many of these missions will have you building a lot and taking over a fortress. Eventually, you’ll come across an NPC named Mary.

Complete missions for Mary as part of the Once Human story and eventually she will give you her motorcycle for free. You will be able to use it as you wish. It should not take you longer than an hour to be able to get it.

Mission Objectives in Once Human.

To spawn it simply, start by pressing G to call the silhouette of the bike. After that, press Left Click and you will be able to place it down wherever you want. You can get on and off the motorcycle by using the F key.

Keep in mind that you can easily destroy this free bike. So make sure that you are careful when driving it, especially when you are around cliffs. If it does get destroyed, then you’ll need to craft it and won’t be able to get it from Mary. 

We’ll look at how you can do that in the second method.

Placing motorcycle in Once Human.

Method #2 – Craft The Motorcycle

Next, we’ll look at how you can craft a motorcycle in Once Human. This will allow you to get the motorcycle whenever you need it – especially if you end up losing the one that Mary gave you.

To do this, you’ll need to unlock the Garage. You can do this by going into the menu using the I key. After that, select the tab at the top that says Memetics Cradle.

In this menu, select the Memetics option.

Memetics Cradle in Once Human.

Once you’re in the Memetics menu, select the Buildings tab at the top. In this tab, unlock the Garage option. Doing so will allow you to build a garage.

Garage Unlock in Once Human.

Now that you have the garage blueprint, press the B button to open your build menu. Here select the Facilities tab at the top, followed by the Production Processing sub tab.

Here, you should be able to find the Garage at the bottom of the menu after scrolling down. Building the Garage in Once Human will require the following resources:

  • x13 Copper Ingots
  • x10 Rusted Parts.
Placing Garage in Once Human.

Once you build the garage, interact with it. In the garage, you’ll need to craft the various parts of the motorcycle. Here are the parts you’ll need to craft for the motorcycle in Once Human:

  • Metal Frame
    • x10 Metal Scraps
    • x10 Copper Ingots
    • x20 Rubber
  • Old Engine
    • x10 Rusted Parts
    • x15 Metal Scraps
    • x10 Copper Ingots
  • Bald Tire
    • x10 Waste Plastic
    • x20 Adhesive
    • x5 Copper Ingot
  • Scrap Fuel Tank
    • x5 Rubber
    • x5 Waste Plastic.

Once you have all the parts of the motorcycle, all you need to do is craft the motorcycle itself as a whole. Doing so will now give you a motorcycle in Once Human. This process is repeatable, meaning you can build more motorcycles if the need arises!

Crafting Motorcycle in Once Human.

That’s everything you need to know about getting a motorcycle in Once Human. We recommend that you use the first method to get a free motorcycle. After that, you can start familiarizing yourself with the second method as you progress through the game.

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