One Fruit Simulator: Awakened Venom Location & Showcase

How do you awaken the Venom fruit in the game and what is it capable of?

One Fruit Simulator has finally released another small but significant update, as the developers have added the awakened version of the Venom fruit. This has been something they have been teasing in the past couple of weeks, and it’s finally here! This guide will show you how to get it and what exactly it can do.

Awakened Venom Location & Showcase

In order to awaken the Venom fruit, you will first need to have access to the Third sea. You also need to be at least around the 10,000+ level range if you are even considering farming for it.

You will need to find Venom keys, which are dropped by the boss named Prison General Megalano within the second floor of the World Prison. This is the Second island you go to in the Third sea.

If you are unsure of where it is, just whip out your Log Compass and either use your fruit’s flying ability or sail there with your boat.

My One Fruit Simulator character standing beside Prison General Megalano

This boss has around 20+ billion HP, so players who are still progressing through the game will likely need to use Conqueror’s Haki in order to kill him. If this is the case, you probably are not ready to awaken the Venom fruit without help.

The Venom keys have a very noticeably low drop rate, and since the boss has a fairly long respawn timer, you’re going to need to hop servers if you want to farm it as fast as possible.

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that even I am having trouble getting Venom keys, and I have the double drop rate game pass along with the Ruffy Easter Outfit Set. This is also a hot spot right now, so expect some PVP.

One Fruit Simulator getting the venom key to drop from the boss

Entrance to the Prison General Raid & How to Beat It

To use your Venom keys, you will have to go to the roof of the building within the World Prison island. There, you will find the final boss of this island. The Prison General Raid NPC is standing right behind the boss’ spawn point.

One Fruit Simulator Prison General Raid NPC spot

Before attempting the raid, don’t forget to set your spawn point on the World Prison island. If you don’t do this, you will be teleported to your previous spawn point after the fight.

Entering the arena will cost you one Venom key, and the boss will spawn shortly after. This humungous version of the Prison General boss will have around 900+ billion to 1+ trillion health.

If you want to beat it solo, you will need to have some high stats in Armament Haki, Conqueror’s Haki, and Fruit. You should also have a strong build to burst him down fast and save time.

For reference, here is my current build that lets me do a bunch of solo runs before my Conqueror’s Haki goes on cooldown:

  • 72,000 Fruit (max)
  • 72,000 Conqueror’s Haki (max)
  • 72,000 Armament Haki V3 (max)
  • Ruffy Easter Set (Outfit, Basket, & Hood) – This will increase drop rate (good for Venom essence) and boost your fruit damage by around 100%+
  • Corrupted Bilento – The Dark Tremor Pulse ability gives you a passive damage increase on everything. Drops from Flame Raid (we have a guide on how to beat the Blaze boss).
  • Shark Guitar – The King Music ability gives you a passive damage increase on everything. Drops from Skeleton King.
  • Galaxy Fighting Style – The Will of Justice ability gives a passive damage increase on everything, with an additional significantly larger bonus for the Ice fruit.
  • Awakened Ice Fruit – We have a guide on how to Awaken the Ice fruit as well. This is great for grinding Sea Serpents in the third sea as well due to water walking passive.
  • Human Race V2– Additional 30% drop rate increase and better Conqueror’s Haki damage. Requires Sea Serpent hunting, but worth it for grinding raids and stat levels.

Some good alternative fruits for fighting this boss include Gear 4 Rubber, Awakened Tremor (this currently has the highest DPS), Awakened Phoenix, Awakened Electric, Revive, and even Base Venom.

For accessories, since the Easter event is over, the Blau Set + Cruel Cape (easy to get) or Darco Set + Thunder God Drums (harder to get) are good alternatives to boost your PVE or fruit damage.

There is not much to say about the actual boss fight as he has fairly basic and easy to dodge moves, especially if you can freeze him. Just watch out for one of his area of effect attacks as it can sometimes break your Observation Haki.

My One Fruit Simulator character fighting the new raid boss

Awakened Venom Abilities

In order to fully awaken the Venom fruit, you will need a total of 310 Venom essence. This is a very steep sum and is the highest requirement out of all the awakened fruits so far.

You can also skip this process by paying with Robux, but this is highly discouraged unless you have a lot of extra money lying around and really want a shortcut.

The awakened Venom fruit has two different move sets due to it having a transformation. This makes it a very versatile fruit, though you will need to unequip your sword and gun to boost its damage.

Awakened Venom (Normal Form)

  • Venom Spit (Z) – The user spits out multiple large projectiles that will explode on impact. Targets hit also suffer from poison damage over time.
  • Venom Swamp (X) – A puddle of poison will follow the user around, dealing damage to anything within range.
  • Venom Flight (C) – Typical flying ability that turns your character model into a venomous skull. Fast flight speed.
  • Venom Gas (V) – Basic area of effect attack that will also leave affected targets poisoned for a few seconds.
  • Awakened Venom Hydras (B) – Similar to Venom Spit, but with large flying hydra heads instead of basic projectiles.
  • Awakened Venom Form (F) – Turns you into an improved and more intimidating version of the Venom form.
One Fruit Simulator player using the Venom Gas ability

Awakened Venom (Transformed)

  • Rapid Venom Spit (Z) – Rapidly spit multiple large projectiles in a straight line, all of which explode on impact.
  • Venom Rampage (X) – Slam the ground and cause poison to scatter all throughout the place, dealing damage in a large area around the user.
  • Hydra Flight (C) – Pretty much the same as Venom Flight from the previous set of skills.
  • Venom Gas Zone (V) – Heavily improved version of Venom Gas that has a much larger area of effect and deals more damage.
  • True Venom Hydra (B) – Very similar to Awakened Venom Hydras from the previous set of skills.
  • Venom Roar (F) – The user charges up a large ball of poison that is then thrown into the target location, dealing tons of damage in a wide area.
One Fruit Simulator player using the Venom Rampage ability

And that is everything that you need to know when it comes to awakening the Venom fruit and what its upgraded version can do. While you are here, you should also check out our guide on how to awaken the Phoenix fruit in One Fruit Simulator!


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