One Fruit Simulator: Best Fruits For Grinding

That is a lot of fruit!

One Fruit Simulator features a variety of fruits that players can consume, allowing them to use unique powers of a particular theme. Each fruit has its own advantages and disadvantages, making some fruits more suitable for a particular type of gameplay over others. You will want to use the best fruit for the particular task that you want to fulfill.

Some fruits are just better for grinding than others. You will want to use these fruits since grinding in the game can get very tiresome at times. In this guide, we will show you the best fruits for grinding. This variety of fruits will allow you to choose the best fruit, regardless of if you are a newcomer or veteran. Let’s dive in and see what these fruits are!

Best Fruits For Grinding

There are a total of 10 Fruits that we will show you that are ideal for grinding. We will also give you reasons and where you can obtain them while you play the game. In this way, you can determine which of these fruits will suit your style of play while you grind.

Light Fruit

The Light Fruit is a great fruit for newcomers and low level players who need to grind and gain their level fast. This Fruit is easily accessible since it is in the First Sea. It also gives you a lot of damage output allowing you to quickly get rid of NPCs.

The great thing about this fruit is that it has quite a few AoE moves. So, you will be able to clear out multiple enemies quicker making the grinding process faster. These AoE moves are Light Boom and Light Jewels.

Using Light Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Shadow Fruit

The Shadow Fruit is another fruit that you should be using for grinding when you are in the First Sea. It does a lot of damage and is quite a bit better than the Light Fruit.

Additionally, it has a lot more AoE skills and attacks making it ideal for grinding. However, these moves do have higher cooldowns so keep that in mind when you are grinding.

Using Shadow Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Snow Fruit

The Snow Fruit does a lot of damage when it is at max level. The moves that fruit has also tend to have a big AoE. Combined with the max level damage, this Fruit can be used to do a devastating amount of damage against enemies.

In particular, the Snow Cataclysm move has a very high AoE range. So, we highly recommend that you get this fruit to max level after getting it in the First Sea.

Using Snow Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Magma Fruit

The Magma Fruit is extremely overpowered because it does an extreme level of damage. It does so much damage that you can actually even use it for the Second and Third Sea, although it is very much accessible in the First Sea.

This Fruit also offers quite a few AoE moves. In particular, the Magma Shower ability does a ton of damage across a very high range AoE. Although, keep in mind that it does have a cooldown of 24 seconds. So, use it with large mobs to make the most out of it.

Using Magma Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Tremor Fruit

The Tremor Fruit is really good for grinding in the Second Sea especially when you get a Weapon. All of the moves that this fruit has does a lot of damage compared to the previous fruits we mentioned. Many of these moves also have a lot of AoE range alongside this damage.

What makes this fruit stand out is that the cooldown rates are very less compared to AoE damages of the other fruits. The Sea Tremor move in particular stands out as the best fruit for clearing out enemies and grinding.

Using Tremor Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Vampire Fruit

The new Vampire Fruit added as part of the latest Halloween Event is incredibly good for grinding. This is because it features a lot of damage, especially in its Hybrid Form. It primarily has AoE attacks which makes it really useful for grinding. 

In its hybrid form, it has a lot of range which is what you’re looking for with this fruit. 

So, we highly recommend using it in the Second and Third Sea when you are grinding. There is also a Halloween Weapon that you can get from the Event to further increase this fruit’s damage. So, keep your eye out for it if you plan on using this fruit.

Check out this guide which shows you the Halloween Event Shop Location.

Using Vampire Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Dragon Fruit

There are many players that will tell you that the Dragon Fruit is the best fruit for grinding, regardless of which Sea you are in. This is because it provides an insane amount of damage. In particular, it is the full Dragon Form in which this fruit shines, both in terms of damage and AoE.

The Kings Cataclysm is part of the Dragon Form, providing the highest AoE range of any fruit. It also has a whopping damage of 796M while only having a cooldown of 25 seconds. An incredibly strong Fruit that will help you a lot in grinding. 

But of course, you will need to go through the process of unlocking the Dragon Form which may take time.

Using Dragon Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Operation Fruit

The new Operation Fruit is also very suitable for grinding. In its basic form, it does an absolutely insane amount of damage. For example, the Gamma Explosion skill does almost a billion damage which not many fruits can match.

Additionally, if you pair it with the K-Room Aura Sword, the damage skyrockets even more. The Gamma Explosion skill does well over a billion damage (1200M) in this state.

So, we highly recommend using this with Fighting Style Swords. There is one downside to this fruit when it comes to grinding. 

Using Operation Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

The Room skill can be too small for certain scenarios. For example, there are some quests with a lot of enemies where all of them do not fit inside. So keep in mind what scenarios you are using this fruit. It may not always be suitable even though it has very high damage.

Operation Fruit Room Skill AoE in One Fruit Simulator.

Venom Fruit

The Venom Fruit is exceptional for grinding since all of its skill revolves around some form of AoE. Additionally, it provides a lot of damage with the AoE on a level that is comparable to the Dragon Fruit. However, you do have to get a bit lucky when you are trying to get in the Second Sea

But if you do manage to get it, it will help you a lot for grinding. The Transformation of this Fruit to the Venom Form also provides additional damage. But what stands out here as well is that the M1 attacks also get powerful after Transformation. This helps even more with the grinding aspect.

Using Venom Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

Leopard and Revive Fruit

The Leopard and Revive Fruit practically fall into the same category. The damage that they both inflict isn’t too far off and is pretty much the same at the basic level. However, Revive Fruit is slightly better because of the Soul Kingu skill, which increases your damage by 20%.

Additionally, all of the Revive Fruit’s moves have an AoE making it better for grinding. On top of that, you are also getting healing out of this fruit, which is all the better. You can even boost this damage further by pairing it with the Shark Guitar for an extra buff and increased DPS.

Using Revive Fruit in One Fruit Simulator.

That’s all the fruits that you should be using when grinding in One Fruit Simulator. We highly recommend that you use at least one of these fruits, since grinding is an essential part of the game. Grinding can be extremely tedious too, so you want to make this process as easy and effective as possible. You should go for the fruit that suits your style while also considering which Sea you are in.

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