One Fruit Simulator: Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023

What is included in the game’s Christmas update?

With every patch, One Fruit Simulator developers add all sorts of new content or change already existing ones. In the latest Christmas update, various holiday-themed and non-festive bits of content were added to the game. Here is a quick rundown of what they are!

Complete Christmas Update Guide

First up, there is a new location known as Hazard Island in the Third Sea. This is a high-level zone that has various bosses that drop all sorts of items.

The Ghost Fruit was also added to the game, and it can be acquired via spinning or buying it from the market NPC whenever it is in stock.

One Fruit Simulator hazard island

Event Island

Right behind the starter island is the new event area. Here, you can complete some new quests that have all sorts of rewards, including new armor sets.

Each hostile NPC in this island also drops Frozen Presents, which have varying uses. Make sure to collect a lot of these!

There is also a raid boss that you can attempt, and if you get lucky, he may drop the new Snowball Launcher and Candy Cane weapons, as well as a certain armor set.

One Fruit Simulator event island

That is pretty much it for the Christmas Update 2023 in One Fruit Simulator. Supposedly, there will be another update coming soon that further expands on these new additions, but for now, this is all there is to it.

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