One Fruit Simulator: How to Get Easter Hammer Location & Showcase

New One Fruit Simulator sword alert! But how do you get it?

With the Easter update of One Fruit Simulator finally being out, a ton of new accessories and a “secret” sword drop was added to the game. Getting it requires a bit of luck and a whole lot of grinding, but it will be worth it if you love using melee weapons in this game. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get the Easter Hammer, as well as some tips to ease the grind!

How to Get Easter Hammer Location & Showcase

Before we begin, it should be noted that the new Easter shop and Easter raid NPCs are both found in Lulue Town. This is the last island of the first sea, which is a level 400+ zone.

The most important thing to realize is that the Easter raid, despite being found in the first sea, is not an easy feat to accomplish unless you are already a high level player.

The raid boss has over 300 billion health, which will either require a team or very high stats and max Conqueror’s Haki. However, this is the only way to farm for an Easter Hammer.

The weapon is not tradable, at least not yet. Although players were able to briefly trade it on release, this was hotfixed by the developers within the same day.

My One Fruit Simulator character standing beside the Easter Raid npc

How to Enter & Beat the Easter Raid

In order to participate in the Easter Raid, you must first purchase Easter Keys from the Easter Shop NPC standing near the raid entrance in Lulue Town.

A single key is worth 50 Ruffy Eggs, which is pretty costly if you don’t know how to farm them. I’ll give you a few tips on how to do this later, but first, let’s talk about the raid itself.

One Fruit Simulator Easter shop with the Easter key + price highlighted

Fighting The Chungus Raid Boss

Upon entering the Easter Raid (this will consume 1 Easter Key), you will be in a very appropriately themed arena where the Chungus boss will eventually spawn. He is a giant rabbit wielding the coveted Easter Hammer.

When Chungus first spawns, you can get a few free hits on him immediately as he will charge up a high jump. Once he jumps into the air, you should run away, because he will come crashing down with an area of effect attack.

From here, you can easily tank his hits if you have a high enough Observation Haki level, since his attacks are fairly basic. However, there is one attack that you must be very wary of.

If Chungus spawns a bunch of Easter eggs on the ground, run far away. These will break your Observation Haki and deal a ton of damage when they explode after a few seconds, and their range is unfairly large.

My One Fruit Simulator dodging the Chungus egg attack

Easter Hammer Showcase

The Easter Hammer has a relatively low drop rate due to being a Mythical weapon. It is a high-impact hammer, though one downside is that it does not have any damage buff passives like most endgame swords.

It has five damage moves, which are the following:

  • Hammer Smash (Z) – The wielder slams the ground and deals damage in a small area around them.
  • Hammer Whirlwind (X) – The wielder spins around and creates a whirlwind that deals damage in an area around them.
  • Egg Mine (C) – Summons small Easter eggs around the user that explode after a few seconds.
  • Egg Cannon (V) – The user releases a blast of energy in a cone in front of them, dealing damage in a small area.
  • Egg Summon (B) – The user summons a giant Easter egg that falls right on top of them and explodes, dealing damage in a large area.
One Fruit Simulator Easter Hammer egg summon move being used

How to Farm Easter Eggs

Throughout the Easter event period, various types of eggs will drop from every enemy in the game with varying rates, and you need these for Chungus raids and other special accessories. The three types and their rarities are the following:

  • Ruffy Egg – Rare (the most common and required for the Chungus raid)
  • Blaze Egg – Legendary
  • Beast Egg – Mythical

There are many ways to farm them, but I can share with you some of the most efficient methods for both active and AFK grinding that worked for me.

One Fruit Simulator inventory screen showing the different eggs in the event

Pre-Grind Setup

Before you start farming for eggs, it is best to have a way to increase drop rate. If you have a limited set of accessories that raise drop rate, you will likely have a much easier time getting eggs to show up.

This will also help you get the Easter Hammer, especially if you have the Double Drop Rate game pass. If you are a Robux spender or a good trader, consider getting it too.

Funnily enough, the item sets in the Easter shop can do this for you. I personally went straight for the best one, the Ruffy Easter Set. It costs a total of 4,500 of each egg type to get, but it is one of the best sets in the game right now.

In addition to that, the Double Keys & Essence game pass actually works with Easter egg drops. Absolutely consider getting it if you are going to be farming raids and Easter items. It will come in handy for awakening fruits too.

My One Fruit Simulator inventory showcasing event items that have a drop rate bonus

#1. Sea 1 Method – Clown Island (Active)

Clown Island, which is only a level 75 zone, is a good spot for beginners to start farming Easter eggs. The large density of mobs standing beside the area’s boss makes it a decent spot if you have area of effect moves.

With that said, this method has a low drop rate and mostly gives only Ruffy eggs due to being filled with normal enemies and being in the first sea. Farm this spot if you are an absolute newbie to the game.

One Fruit Simulator clown island egg farming spot

#2. Sea 1 Method – Ar Park (Active)

Higher level players in the first sea can choose to go to Ar Park instead. Specifically, go to the spot where there are three bosses close together.

While the area’s final boss has a long respawn timer, the other two (highlighted in the image below) come back within seconds and have a high egg drop rate.

One Fruit Simulator ar park egg farming spot

#3. Sea 2 Method – Bounty Island (AFK)

In the first island of the second sea, you can easily AFK farm eggs from two different NPCs. Mister 27 and Miss Love both have a high egg drop rate and respawn within seconds of being killed.

This is a great method for safely AFKing even as an endgame player, as they are both inside a safe zone, making it impossible for other players to randomly kill you. The minibosses will also die in one hit.

Set up something like TinyTask to start automatically switching between your weapons (prevents fruit dropping trolls) and stand right on top of either of these two minibosses and you will start racking up all three egg types in no time.

One Fruit Simulator bounty island egg farming spot

#4. Sea 3 Method – Marine Base (Active)

Finally, the best way to actively farm for eggs is on the Marine Base island within the third sea. This method requires you to have a large area of effect attack with high damage in the billions.

Basically, stand in the spot shown in the image below, which is on the right side of the Marine Base. The NPCs here have an abnormally high drop chance for all eggs, and high level players can easily take them down within seconds.

If you are able to farm this spot and are looking towards getting the Easter Hammer or even completing the Easter shop items, then this is definitely the place to be.

Just keep in mind that this is a hot spot due to it being the same island where people can get Phoenix, Quake, and Flame keys. Be ready for hostile players or people who want to steal your farming spot.

One Fruit Simulator marine base farming spot

And that is where you can get the brand new Easter Hammer, as well as what it can do and how you can easily farm up the resources to grind for it. Those looking to grind the Chungus raid should consider checking out our guide on how to awaken the Phoenix fruit, which is a strong candidate for farming it.


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