One Fruit Simulator: How to Get Gear 4 Guide & Showcase

Gear 4 is finally out, and it is as epic as you’d expect!

One Fruit Simulator just dropped a massive update that added all sorts of new content, including awakened fruits, an incredibly large island, and even raids. Among the new additions is the long-awaited Gear 4 transformation, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to get it!

How to Get Gear 4 Guide & Showcase

The first step to getting Gear 4 is to travel to the new island added in the third sea, which is called Dressrosa. There, you will have to farm the Ruffy (Rose) boss in order to get raid keys.

SIDE NOTE: For more details regarding the Rose King Update, make sure to check out our complete guide for that topic too!

Once you have some Rubber Keys, you will need to speak with the Ruffy Raid NPC in the building just behind where the boss spawns. Defeat the Ruffy (Gear 4 form) raid boss to get Rubber Essence, which is used to awaken the Rubber fruit.

One Fruit Simulator fighting the ruffy (fourth gear) raid boss

You will need a total of 116 Rubber Essence to fully awaken the fruit. Once you have enough, head over to an Awakening NPC to upgrade the fruit. There should be one at the port of Dressrosa.

If you have some Robux to burn, you can also choose to Skip Gear 4 to avoid grinding. However, this will cost a lot of real money, so maybe don’t do this if you aren’t willing to spend that much.

One Fruit Simulator player showing a fully-awakened rubber fruit in the awaken interface

Gear 4 Abilities

Once you have awakened the Rubber Fruit, you will get a completely new set of abilities. The last one of these is your Gear 4 transformation.

Using the Fourth Gear ability will give you the coveted Gear 4 appearance and yet another different set of skills, which are the following:

  • Kong Gun – The user winds up a powerful punch that deals damage in an area in front of them.
  • Kong Organ – A long barrage of punches that deals damage in a line in front of the user.
  • Kong Fly – A simple flight ability that lets you zoom around at a fast speed.
  • Culverin – Similar to Kong Gun, but with a longer range.
  • Rhino Schneider – Quick blast that deals damage in a cone directly in front of you.
  • King Kong Gun – The user jumps up and slams the ground, dealing damage in a large area.
One Fruit Simulator player using the king kong gun ability of gear 4

And that is everything you need to know in order to unlock the Gear 4 transformation in One Fruit Simulator. If you haven’t yet, you should also check out our list of new codes for One Fruit Simulator, since a few were added with the latest update!


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