One Fruit Simulator: Rose Kingdom Update Complete Guide

What is included in this massive update to One Fruit Simulator?

In case you missed the news, a brand new update was released for One Fruit Simulator, and it is quite a massive patch. Now, in addition to an entirely new island, various other fruits were also added or improved upon. In this guide, we will quickly go through each of these changes!

Rose Kingdom Update Complete Guide

As mentioned above, a new island has been added to the Third sea, and it is called Dressrosa. This is where you will find most of the new content that was added in this update.

In addition to that, the maximum level has also been raised by a whopping 10,000, which makes the current attainable max 28,000. Max stats were also raised to 56,000.

One Fruit Simulator update log with a portion of the changes shown

New Equipment and Fruits / Awakened Versions

The long-awaited Buddha Fruit was also added in this update, and it has a mythical rarity, making it really hard to obtain.

Three fruits have also received an upgraded awakened version. If you already have the base Rubber, String, or Gravity fruit, check out our guide on how to awaken the Fruits to get started with the grind!

The Gravity Blade was also added, which is a mythical sword. A total of 21 new accessories were also added, giving you even more stuff to grind for!

Lastly, a new fighting style called Dragon Talon was also released with this update. We have a guide on how to get the Dragon Talon as well.

One Fruit Simulator fruit market with the new buddha fruit displayed

Other Miscellaneous Changes

A new Colosseum Raid was also added, and it can be found in the Dressrosa island as with most of the additions that came with this update.

With that, a game pass allowing you to skip the cooldown for that raid was also released. To help with the awakening grind, there is also a 2x Keys & Essence game pass added to the game.

One Fruit Simulator flying over the new colosseum

And that is everything that was added with the huge Rose Kingdom update of One Fruit Simulator. If you are strong enough to start grinding in the new island, check out our Gear 4 guide to see how you can unlock this new transformation!

If you haven’t yet, you should also check out our list of new codes for One Fruit Simulator, since a few were added with the latest update!


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