One Military Camp: Beginner’s Guide – What To Do First

On your feet, maggot!

Ten huts, soldier! You are about to step into One Military Camp. Here, you will fight against an evil overlord that has taken over all the territories in the region, except for one old military camp.

In order to fight back against these overwhelming odds, you will need to build up a force that is powerful enough to take down this new tyrannical regime.

In this beginner’s guide for One Military Camp, we will show you what to do first when you start the game.

What To Do First – One Military Camp

Take note that this guide was created with version of the game.

Future updates the game will receive might change a few things that will make some of the parts of this guide ineffective.

Source: Abylight Studios

One thing you should take notice of is your income or funds.

Income is very important to get the camp working again when you start. It is also essentially your health bar as well because if your end balance at the end of the day reaches the negatives, you will get a game over screen, so be sure to watch your spending.


But how can you earn more income then? Well, there are two ways: Missions and Liberated Territory.

#1 Mission

Your missions appear on the top left corner of your screen. To do missions, you will need to send soldiers. You will be able to view which soldiers are available to be sent before doing so.

But do not go overboard, because missions also require funds.

Source: Judi Wrench

There are a total of 3 types of missions in One Military Camp: Story, General, and Support.

Story missions can substitute the 5-minute bonus timer for 15 minutes, but the mission must be completed in this time frame, or else you will get a game over.

Support missions on the other hand do not have any type of timer, but the soldiers you send on them will have a chance to be lost and never return.

#2 Liberated Territory

Source: Judi Wrench

While Liberated Territory is the second way to earn money. Territories that you have liberated will then generate passive income, with 3000 possible funds earned for each territory you have.

So if you have 36 territories at your disposal, then you will get a maximum passive income of 108, 000.

#3 Loan

There is another way to get funds, but this one is a gamble.

Loans are a very risky way of getting funds, as you can easily get a game over if you do not have enough funds to pay back during repayments. You can only take two loans at a time, so use this wisely.


We have been talking about income for a bit now, but we should also discuss expenses.

Your funds won’t only go to building your camp and sending out soldiers to missions. You will also be paying for things like Salaries, Food, Ammo, Fuel, and more.

You can sustain a small amount of negative cash flow if you don’t have enough, but it is not recommended to exceed the 2500 mark.


Starting with Salaries, you will, of course, need to pay the people in your camp. No one wants to work for free, even if you are fighting against an evil maniac.

Here is a full list of salaries for everyone in camp:

  • 300 – Maintenance
  • 325 – Private
  • 350 – Cook, Artillery, Explosives Engineer, Comms Operator, Infantry
  • 375 – Defense, Researcher
  • 400 – Tank Driver, Spy, Aviator
  • 450 – Medic
  • 500 – Sniper, Juggernaut, Hacker, Chemist, Diver, Navy Commander
  • 600 – Commando, Desert Soldier, Snow Trooper
  • 750 – Instructor
  • 1,000 – Super Soldier


Source: Judi Wrench

Food is another thing you should pay for because it is essential to get everyone in camp working. Just like how no one wants to work for free, no one also wants to work on an empty stomach. But this one is a lot more intricate than paying your soldiers.

You also have to take into account the capacity of your warehouse to see if you have enough storage.


Each member of your camp will consume 8 units of food per meal (this has not been verified, but it is a rough estimation).

Having multiple staff members will increase the serving speed.

TierCapacityApprox. Single SittingApprox. Max. Staff

You can also change the food provider if you are able to liberate the territory that they are in. If you want to do things manually you can press the buy button and adjust the slider for the desired number. This is recommended if you want to save up on funds.

But if you reach Tier 2, restocking can be automated when you check the box.

It’s also much cheaper to restock regularly from a higher unit cost per item supplier with a lower order fee.

Ammo, Fuel, and Medicine

The way Ammo, Fuel, and Medicine are handled is the same way you handle Food.

Loan Providers

Source: Judi Wrench

In the Economy window (or from the map), you can select the buildings with a pink roof and an icon featuring either bank or a stack of coins to get loans from them.

Loans are recommended for use only if you want to purchase an expensive item. Once you do apply for a loan, repayments will start automatically once you have the amount set.

Here are the Loan Providers you can get a loan from:

NameDurationMaximum AmountInterestMaximum Daily Payment
Hawkish Investments616,80042,912
Monolith Financing725,20063,816
Johnny Got His Loan729,40084,536
Polyhedric Schemes933,60073,995
Soldiers With Fortune935,61664,195
Checks on the Beach742,00056,300
Full Monetary Bank1275,60026,426

Huge thanks to Judi Wrench for this incredibly well-detailed information on how to start One Military Camp efficiently.

If you want to learn more about other matters and see the updates, you can check out their Steam post!

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