Outriders: How to Pause

Is there a pause button?

The most notable and frequently talked about title just launched, and players are eager to get on it. Of course, we’re talking about Outriders, the game which made so many headlines during the time that the demo was out. It is hard to remember a demo which caused so much interest in the last decade. Still, the game is both single-player and multiplayer.

While the game is definitely more enjoyable on co-op, there is no doubt that solo play is also pretty fun too. However, even though it is single-player, there is no way to pause the game.

How to Pause – Outriders

Even though there is no official functionality for a pause in Outriders, the community has found an interesting way to pause the game.

This involves having an Nvidia GPU, which has a feature called Ansel Photo Mode.

The Ansel Photo Mode is commonly used by creators to get interesting shots and angles in games, mostly the ones seen as thumbnails on videos and similar content. Granted, some games come with a photo mode in the game itself, but still, many prefer Nvidia’s photo mode.

For some reason, this function, when enabled will get you into photo mode in Outriders, but it will also pause the game. It is fair to mention though, that this feature only works on the single-player mode in Outriders.

It is still unknow whether this function stops all processes and functions in the game, but it appears to stop all NPCs and other moving objects in place.

The Ansel Photo Mode can be accessed by clicking Alt + F2.

Although this works for Nvidia graphics cards only, it works for GPUs that have the GeForce experience bundle software. So, technically, not all Nvidia GPUs can execute this function.

However, almost all of the new ones have the software.

Like I said, it is yet unknown whether this feature fully pauses the game, or whether all of the background functions and processes get carried out either way.

But technically, if you want to go grab a refreshment or a beverage while playing Outriders solo play, it seems like you can.

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