Palia: Vault of the Roots (Earth) After Temple of Roots Guide | Ancient Galdur Statue Prize

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Upon completing the newest Temple of Roots in Palia, you will gain access to the Vault of the Roots. In order to complete this vault, you need to finish four bundles. In this guide, we will talk about which items you are going to require for each of these bundles and the possible Ancient Galdur Statue Prize you will get in return.

Vault of the Roots (Earth) After Temple of Roots Guide

After finishing the Temple of Roots by solving the last slide puzzle, you can go to the Night Sky Temple and see a new vault added. The Vault of the Roots is the fourth vault you will see in the game.

In this vault, there are four different bundles that you can complete. Let’s take a look at which items you are going to put in these bundles.

Vaults of the Roots

Fruits of the Earth Bundle

A bundle to appreciate the fruits and food provided by Mother Earth; you will be required to cook and collect different kinds of food in this bundle.

  • Muujin Bahari (1): A rich, meaty, and sumptuous dish. You can get the recipe from Reth by completing the Your Order is Served quest.
  • Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms (1): Visit Daiya farmhouse. You will find the recipe on the small kitchen table there.
  • Apple (100): Obtained by gardening, place apple trees on your farm and harvest them to collect the necessary amount of apples.
  • Brightshroom (20): You can find these mushrooms almost everywhere on the map.
Fruits of the Earth Bundle

Creatures of the Abyss Bundle

Ready for some fishing and bug catching? Well, you better be, because that is all you have to do to complete this bundle.

  • Stonefish (1): You can find this fish in the caves by fishing with glow worm bait.
  • Hypnotic Moray (1): Just like stonefish, this one can be found in caves with glow worms too. You can find both fish at any time during the day.
  • Ancient Amber Beetle (1): You can find Ancient Amber Beetles at any time of day. You need to look to the forests of north Bahari Bay, including the Flooded Steps, The Outskirts, Proudhorn Pass, the Thorny Thicket, and the Statue Garden.
    • Harvesting large or medium sapwood trees anywhere in Bahari Bay has a 5% chance of spawning an Ancient Amber Beetle as well.
  • Leafstalker Mantis (1): You can find these mantises while picking up Sweet Leaves and Dari Cloves in north Bahari Bay at any time during the day.

If you are a beginner in the game and struggle with fishing, do not forget to check out our Complete Fishing guide! Fishing might look difficult, but we have the best tips for you.

Creatures of the Abyss Bundle

Prospector’s Pal Bundle

This bundle might be the most difficult one to complete. You need to collect minerals and craft bars to fill the bundle.

  • Emerald (1)
  • Jasper (1)
  • Gold Bar (3)
  • Palium Bar (20)

In order to find these stones, you just need to mine as much as you can. Finding emerald, jasper, and gold might not be too hard, as you only need a couple of them. However, we know that finding palium and crafting palium bars is not easy at all.

Luckily, the game developers have already increased the spawn rate of these nodes. Check out the next section to see which locations are the best to locate palium in the game.

Prospector's Pal Bundle

Where to Find Palium Nodes?

Palium ore can be mined from nodes that appear near cliff walls in Bahari Bay, as well as within its numerous caverns and mines. These nodes are extremely uncommon and are typically located in remote or difficult-to-reach areas. See a list of possible spawn points below.

  • The southwest mountain of the Flooded Fortress.
  • To the northwest mountain of the Flooded Fortress.
  • In the Pavel Mines. Especially close to the shafts that you can access from the top of the cliffs.
  • In the cave southeast of Hassian’s Grove.
  • South of the flooded ruins. In the cave that is located between Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins.
  • Around the collapsed mine under the flooded ruins, southwest of Beachcomber Cove.
  • On top of the large geyser cave south of Proudhorn Pass.
  • To the north of the Statue Garden.
  • In the cave that is located to the east of Tamala’s House.
Palium location in Palia

Rootseeker’s Bundle

You need to find medallions to complete each vault in the Night Sky Temple. The Vault of the Roots is no different. Just like Emberseeker Medallions and Stormseeker Medallions, you need to find Rootseeker Medallions for this bundle.

  • Rootseeker Medallion (6): You will receive the first medallion from Einar upon finishing Vault of the Roots. The remaining five can be found in treasure chests buried across Bahari Bay.
Rootseeker's Bundle

Where to Find Rootseeker Medallions?

Just as we mentioned, you will get the first medallion from Einar and the rest from the chests. Let’s see the locations.

  • Medallion #1: Obtained from Einar after completing the Temple of Roots.
  • Medallion #2: Beneath the cave fishing dock in Pavel Mines.
  • Medallion #3: In Flooded Fortress. You will need to climb the vines to reach the spot.
  • Medallion #4: Inside the cave underneath Thorny Thicket, near Tamala’s house.
  • Medallion #5: In Coral Shores, by the water between the ruins and the coral.
  • Medallion #6: On a ledge next to the spiral staircase, north of the lighthouse.
Rootseeker Medallion

Ancient Galdur Statue Prize

Now, what you are going to get after completing the bundles is not confirmed yet. The reward of this vault will be added to the game with patch 0.178. However, players think that we are going to get an Ancient Galdur Statue as a prize. We will learn about this soon!

Ancient Galdur Statue Prize

This is how you are going to complete the Vault of the Roots in Palia! You better finish this vault before the release of the newest patch to get your sweet reward as soon as possible.

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