Parkour Reborn: How To Craft Yank Grappler & Glove

Everything you need to craft these items.

Parkour Reborn: How To Craft Yank Grappler & Glove

New equipment in Parkour Reborn, the Yank Grappler and Glove, will give you so much more flexibility to parkour. In this game where swinging through skycrapers means that a grappler is essential, you don’t want to miss getting a better grappler everytime.

How To Craft Yank Grappler & Glove

To craft the Yank Grappler and Glove, you’re going to have to seek for the materials all around the map. We’ll show you where to find these items. Yank Grappler allows you to get a 2nd pull while mid-air and extra 25% pull strength.

Please note that you need to have the basic Grappler to upgrade it into a Yank Grappler. Check out the guide if you don’t! Once you do, you have to find the following to craft the Yank Grappler:

  • Override Module
  • Component Fittings

For the Glove, you need:

  • Rugged Synthetic x3
  • Tape
  • Worker Glove

Override Module

For the Override Module, you need to first get to Dirwik. Here’s a guide to reach Dirwik. You know you’ve reached the place when you see a lot of buildings with slated roofs and blue neon lights.

Find a lower slated roof then take the zip to get across. Keep running past this building until you see a plank that connects to the building across.

Fom thi building turn right using the zip or grappling over. Climb up until you can reach to this building across with the pipe that you can climb up.

Use it to reach the pillar across you where you’ll see more pipes that you can climb. Make use of wall jump techniques and the banners to get yourself to the top.

The Override Module is on the bar table that is across the building right here.

Component Fittings

There are two Component Fittings with the first one shown in our Grappler guide. If you already grabbed that one, you would need to find another one, which we’re showing here.

For the Component Fittings, we start from the Override Module location. Turn around and run along this road until you find this building with a slope. Jump across and slide down, then zip across the building.

After zipping over, jump to this building to the right. And then again to the brown building next door. You should be able to see a rooftop exit door here. Keep running and jump across again.

Aim for the railing here. Then, walk along it to see another railing down there to jump down to. Across where there’s an entry point is where you want to go. And that’s where you can find your Component Fittings!

Crafting is as easy as putting the Grappler in the middle, then the Override Module and Component Fittings.

Rugged Synthetic #1, Tape & Worker Glove

All three of the items can be found in the same building. Start from the rooftop park area in Downtown, then jump across and climb up. Keep running until you can see this building with scaffolding and is in mid-construction.

On the top is the Rugged Synthetic #1, the first one in the list. Drop down 3 levels to find the Tape on the boxes.

Then drop another 3 level down. then follow the left wall as you keep running, jumping across gaps so you remain on the same level. Find the Worker Glove left on top of some bricks.

Rugged Synthetic #2

For the next Rugged Synthetic, we start again from the park in Downtown. But instead of going to the left, go right. Keep running until you see a red zip. Down there is the glass door leading into the building you want to enter.

Inside this building, find the elevator and start climbing up. Your job now is to keep climbing and if you can’t, go out the red door, then climb again until you find a zip.

Zip across and then go straight for a few steps. To your left is going to be where the storage room is. Go inside to find Rugged Synthetic #2.

Rugged Synthetic #3

For the final one, we start again from the park in Downtown. But instead of left or right, we now go straight ahead. Jump to the top of this building and then turn left.

Hop on the zip to the other side and then climb to the top of the black building here. You’re going to see the white building here. Head to the top where you will find the red door to go into.

Inside this building is where you will find the final Rugged Synthetic to get.

Crafting the Glove is easy! Just plug in all the Rugged Synthetic, Tape, and the Worker Glove. And you got it.

That’s how you can get the Yank Grappler and Glove in Parkour Reborn! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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