Peroxide: All Christmas Weapons Guide & Showcase

Cool new weapons for the new year!

Peroxide All Christmas Weapons Guide Showcase

We’re now in 2024 with a new year and with it comes new updates for the games we love and enjoy. Peroxide is one of the games out there that was a bit late for its Christmas event but it’s better late than never right? The new update adds new weapons to the game and some of them can be cool a flashy. All of them are great to keep though since they’ll only increase in value as time goes by!

In this guide, we’ll show you all of the new Christmas Weapons added to the game. Now let’s see what these festive weapons are and whether are they worth getting.

All Christmas Weapons Guide & Showcase

There’s a big new update in Peroxide and it’s a Christmas update that has its events and new content added into the game. Most of the new content are the weapons you can get from the raid and presents so start farming for them!

Obtaining Christmas Weapon Skins

The new update added a whole new NPC and Raid in the game as well as Christmas gifts that you can get. These gifts can be obtained through the new raid and with the server-wide events you can open them to get these weapon skins. It’s all RNG though so make sure to get a lot of them!

Peroxide Gifts

Christmas Blunderbuss (Common)

The first one on the list is a common rarity skin and it’s the Christmas Blunderbuss. It’s a pistol where if you attack with your M1 you shoot out snowflakes. There is also a green and red flare to the particles giving it that Christmas feel.

Peroxide Christmas Blunderbuss

Christmas Dual Lance (Common)

The next weapon skin is the Christmas Dual Lance and it’s two lances with bells as hilts complete with a bow. It’s one of the two common skins you can get in the update and this one doesn’t have as flashy as an M1 attack. Instead, when you attack it just has gold and white colored slashes.

Peroxide Christmas Dual Lance

Christmas Spear (Rare)

The first rare weapon skin rarity in the list is the Christmas Spear. It clips a bit on the ground but it the head of the spear looks like antlers. There’s also a white, red, and green bow where near the tip giving it that Christmas theme.

Peroxide Christmas Spear

Christmas Dagger (Rare)

Another Rare weapon the Christmas Dagger skin has a little present box as a hilt. It also has some ribbons going down and onto the handle giving it a basket-hilt-looking guard.

Peroxide Christmas Dagger

Christmas Dual Cane (Rare)

The last rare weapon skin on the list the Christmas Dual Cane has two candy canes as weapons. One of the canes is Red and white while the other is white and silver. The M1 attacks have this cool red and white colored slash with it.

Peroxide Christmas Dual Cane

Christmas Sword (Legendary)

One of the two Legendary weapon skins with the update is the Christmas Sword. Honestly, it looks more like an Ice Sword but it still looks cool. It has a small blue-colored slash when you attack with it using M1 strikes.

Peroxide Christmas Sword

Christmas Axe (Legendary)

The last weapon skin on the list is the Christmas Axe. This weapon is by far the coolest looking with a trail of ice as its effect when you attack with M1. Unlike the sword, the Axe’s weapon trail is much more pronounced and easier to see.

Peroxide Christmas Axe

Those are all the weapon skins that you can get in the new Christmas update in Peroxide. Now go out there and try to get them yourself!

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