Peroxide: Dimension Fullbring Guide & Showcase

Control the Dimension holes like no other!

The Fullbringer update for Peroxide is in full force with many players already progressing through the questlines and requirements.

With so much depth to it, the Fullbringer questline will truly test players to their maximum level so that they can prove themselves and obtain their skills.

One such ability that you can obtain is the Dimension Fullbring ability. Many players have been trying to get it because of its Legendary Rarity.

In this guide, we will show you how you can obtain it, and showcase the various powerful moves you can get with it. Let’s dive in!

Dimension Fullbring Guide & Showcase

You can get all sorts of Fullbring abilities at the end of the Fullbringer questline to reward you for your efforts.

So, we highly recommend you go through the questline to get all sorts of other rewards! Additionally, the Dimension Fullbring will provide you with some incredible move sets!

How To Obtain Dimension Fullbring

Starting off, we will talk about how you can get the Dimension Fullbring. To do so, you will need to go through the entire Fullbringer questline.

So, you will need to complete all the missions that you can get from NPCs at the HQ.

Joe NPC at HQ in Peroxide.

At the end of the questline, you will receive a random Fullbring ability based on the following rarities:

  • Midas – Common (79%)
  • Clock – Rare (20%)
  • Kether – Rare (20%)
  • Dimension – Legendary (1%).

So, for the most part, Dimension Fullbring will be the hardest ability to obtain since there is only a 1% chance to drop. You can Reroll and try to get the Dimension Fullbring, and each Reroll will cost you 200 Robux.

Fullbring Reroll and Rarities outlined in Peroxide.

Dimension Fullbring Showcase

The Dimension Fullbring automatically grants the player a Sword, which becomes their default Weapon.

You can slash the sword around with the M1 moves in a pretty standard combo but with unique purple effects

Dimension Fullbring basic attack effects in Peroxide.

Additionally, you get three main moves with the standard Dimension Fullbring ability. Keep in mind that all of these moves will scale off your Strength, so you will want to make sure this Stat is at its highest.

Savage Skewer is the first one, which can be used in two ways: Normal and Block Break. The Normal way allows you to create a skewer made out of rock and fire it ahead at the enemy.

It has quite a bit of range and will knock them away. A pretty straightforward move with a lot of power.

Savage Skewer move in Peroxide.

The Block Break enables you to fire a skewer, but the enemy gets trapped in a Blood Prison. Additionally, you will be teleported to the enemy too, providing you with the opportunity to continue with a combo and inflict further damage. A very punishing move!

Blood Prison in Peroxide.

Illusion Smash is the second move which auto locks on the target and unleashes a series of attacks on the enemy.

The move actually works from a distance allowing you to trap an enemy in the animation. After the move, you will automatically teleport behind the enemy.

Illusion Smash in Peroxide.

Last, but not least, we have the Cosmic Illusion move. This move allows the player to go into a stance which can counter most moves.

When the enemy hits you, they get stuck in a cool animation where you take them in the air and blast them to the ground in a knockdown.

Cosmic Illusion in Peroxide.

Dimension Twin Soul Showcase

You can also activate Twin Souls for the Dimension Fullbring ability. It provides you with a variety of buffs and passives. Here are the buffs it gives to your Stats:

  • Buffs Strength by 30% (1.3x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 25% (1.25x)
  • Buffs Spirit by 20% (1.2x).

Additionally, you get four Passives. The Reality Cutter Passive enables your M1 moves to chip through blocks at a 40% rate.

You also get an Imprisonment Fist Counter Passive, which crushes the opponent’s skull after you M2 counter in a cool animation.

Imprisonment Fist Counter Attack in Peroxide.

You get the Extreme Malice Passive, decreasing Cosmic Illusion’s cooldown by 10 seconds. Finally, you can use the Defiler of the World passive which allows you to dash around quickly with a unique animation, known as a dimensional shift.

Dash will cost half as much Reiatsu and will not halt Reiatsu Regeneration for as long.

Defiler of the World dash animation in Peroxide.

To top things off, the Dimension Twin Soul Ultimate is incredibly powerful, known as the Lightning Shower Rain.

When you activate it, your character will throw an energy ball wherever your cursor is pointing. The ball will explode on contact, and if it hits, your opponent will get stuck in a cool cutscene.

At the end of the cutscene, you will blast them to the ground and fire metal balls at them, doing an insane amount of damage. Like the previous moves, it also scales off Strength.

Lightning Shower Rain ultimate in Peroxide.

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining the Dimension Fullbring ability. We have also provided you with a showcase with all the Stats, so you know exactly how you can use it in battle.

A truly powerful move set that you can use to devastate enemies. You also get some truly well-crafted cutscenes which act as the cherry on top!

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