Pet Simulator 99: Complete Charm Guide & Tier List

Get the best charms for your pet!

Pet Simulator 99 Complete Charm Guide & Tier List

Learning the best gear or items in a game can be daunting especially if you have limited resources. You might buy something completely useless or sell something useful to you. That’s why you’ll want to know which are the best ones.

In Pet Simulator 99, you can get all sorts of charms for your pets that give different bonuses. Of course, not all of them are equal and some are just better than others.

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best and worst charms in the game to equip your pets. Now, let’s see what each charm does in the game!

Complete Charm Guide & Tier List

In Pet Simulator 99, you can get Charms in the game that lets you equip it to each of your Huge and Titanic Pets. These charms can give your pets different bonuses and you can even equip a number of them. They can even stack their bonuses!

You only have a limited amount of slots to equip though, so you’ll want to know which ones are the best. Here are all of the best charms you can use on your pets!

Pet Simulator 99 Charm Tier List

S – Tier

  • Strength Charm – One of the best charms in the game that increases your pet’s damage by 30%. With the recent price changes in the game, this is even more affordable and a great way to boost your farming.
  • Royalty Charm – It gives 3 bonuses which are 40% more damage, 20% more diamonds, and increased pet speed. A must-have for any pet and overall better than most charms since it gives the most bonuses. The only problem is that it’s extremely expensive.
  • Overload Charm – When you use this charm on a pet it adds 2 extra charm slots. Of course, you can only use this once per pet but that means you can place an extra charm. The downside is it’s even more expensive than the Royalty charm at the time of writing!

A – Tier

  • Glittering Charm – Gives a chance for pets to spawn diamonds. A great way to increase diamond income but the dropped diamonds from this charm can’t be pulled by magnets. That means it’s not AFK-friendly.

B – Tier

  • TNT Charm – This lets the pet randomly spawn TNT to help with breakables. One of the newest additions to the game, this one isn’t as great as the strength charm but still good.
  • Lightning Charm – When used by a pet it gives them a chance to shoot lightning at a breakable. Not as powerful as the TNT charm but still a good bonus to damage.

C – Tier

  • Bonus Charm – This charm increases the chance of getting a bonus by 35%. The problem with this charm is that the base chances of getting a bonus are incredibly low. 35% won’t make that much of a difference.
  • Agility Charm – When this charm is used it increases the speed of your pet by 150%. This means you can farm faster since pets will take less time traveling to breakables. The thing is consumables like the Toyball can do that too.
  • Diamonds Charm – This one increases the amount of diamonds dropped from a pet by 10%. The bonus isn’t that big and the pet using the charm has to be the one to break to get the bonus.

D – Tier

  • Critical Charm – This one increases the critical hit chance of your huge pet. The thing is the chances are already incredibly low and the increase is negligible compared to books.
  • XP Charm – This increases the XP your pets get to level up faster. Not a charm you desperately need since maxing pet levels isn’t that grindy. It also becomes useless after the max level for obvious reasons!
  • Coins Charm – The charm increases the pet’s coin drops by 25%. At the time you have huge or titanic pets in the game, you don’t need that many coins.

Those are all of the charms in Pet Simulator 99 and which ones are the best and worst in a tier list! Now go out there and try to get the best ones! Some of these charms aren’t that great and you can get better bonuses with items. Check out our detailed guide on which merchant to max rep to get amazing items!


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