Pet Simulator 99: How To Become Partner

For all potential content creators out there, this is great news!

Pet Simulator 99: How To Become Partner

The Pet Simulator 99 game has released a new Partner program targeted at content creators on various platforms. If you are a Pet Simulator 99 content creator, you should definitely sign up to become one of the game’s trusted Partners.

Being a Partner gives you various perks and even in-game items. Regardless of how big your fan base or community is, you can still sign up for the program.

In this guide, we will show you how you can sign up to become one of the game’s Partners.

How To Become Partner

The Partnership Program is the game’s way of giving back to content creators for playing, promoting, and enjoying BIG Games’ games, including Pet Simulator 99.

By being a Partner, you can get the following perks:

  • In-game ‘Partner’ chat tag and Exclusive Partner Rewards.
  • A ‘Partner’ rank in the Roblox Group and the Discord Server.
  • A unique chat channel to promote your own content.
  • Access to a private chat with Developers and other Content Creators.
  • Even potential exposure on the game’s provider social media and site!

It is also rumored that you will also receive an in-game item that lets you sign pets. This means that when you give away pets or items, you can sign your name on top of it.

This makes it really great since it adds more customization to the items that the content creators give away.

In order to become a Partner, you will have to meet some of the requirements:

  • Youtube: 15+ Subs and/or 10k+ Views Per Video
  • Twitch: 1k+ Followers and or 30+ Average Viewers.
  • Twitter: If you have a Twitter account with lots of followers, you can also mention that in your application as well.
  • Any other major social media platforms.

Even if you meet the requirements, it doesn’t mean that you will guarantee a slot for yourself as one of the Partners.

Instead, the Partners will be handpicked. This means that everyone has an equal chance of being selected regardless of their subscriber, follower, like, or view count.

To apply, you’ll want to submit an application on the game’s site.

For now, the program isn’t actively recruiting new Partners. If they are looking for Partners, they will post it on their site, Discord server, or social media accounts.

But that does not mean you cannot apply! You can still go to the Contact Us section and write a small letter to them.

In the form, you’ll want to type in your Name, Email, Subject, and Content. Try to show them how dedicated you are to the game and what you will do to help foster the growth of the in-game community.

Telling the developers what your plans are to develop your own fanbase will also work greatly. There is no recipe for success so write with everything you have to say!

That’s all you need to know about the Pet Simulator 99 Partnership Program. Even if you aren’t a big content creator now, there is still plenty of time for you to start and grow your own channel. As long as you can show your dedication, the developers will absolutely select you as one of the partners!

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