Pet Simulator 99: How To Get Hacker Keys Fast

Your pet just turned into the ultimate hacker!

Pet Simulator 99 is the fourth installment in the Roblox Pet Series where you collect and raise as many pets you can. In the game, you can earn coins and use them to unlock a wide range of different pets for you to take care of as your own. The new update has released Hacker keys and here in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know to get them fast. 

How To Get Hacker Keys Fast

Hacker keys are one of the most important parts of the new update because they let you unlock things like the brand new enchant, the new free to play huge and progression in the clan battle. 

The one popular way to get Hacker Keys in the game Pet Simulator 99 is through drops. But you’ll want a faster and more effective way of collecting those Hacker Keys. So, this guide will tell you some tips and tricks for the fastest way to get your hands on some Hacker Keys but much faster. Let’s get started.

Area Surges

You don’t need to start grinding in the final zone immediately. You can start grinding in zone #210 Hacker Matrix and head over and go find some area surges in the zone. The area surges will give you double of the hacker Key drops.

Area surges in Pet Simulator 99

Going around and scouting for these area surges is a much faster way then staying in the final zone and getting hacker keys that way. When you see a message on the screen telling you that the area surge is available, you should move there immediately to get as many hacker keys as possible. 

So, you essentially want to find the area surges which you’ll only find in the Hacker World. This way you can start grinding for some hacker keys.

Use your Hasty Flags

Secondly, make sure to use Hasty Flags and Sprinklers!

People either go for the Hasty Flag or the Exotic Treasure Flag. The latter is a good option as well since the Exotic Treasure Flag because it substantially drops items in your area. However, with the area surges, it shouldn’t make a difference because the amount will remain the same. 

Flags in Pet Simulator 99

But you’d still want to equip that Hasty Flag. This is because you want to break as many breakables as you can and this flag will help with that. You’d also want your sprinklers to be going on at all times. Your Sprinklers will make the breakables spawn even faster, which means more chance of finding keys through those breakables.

This takes us to our next tip regarding breakables.


The next tip is that you go for breakables as opposed to drops. Just like Prison Keys, you find them in breakables, so you apply the same strategy for hacker keys as well and approach the breakables. So, the key is to focus on breakables rather than focusing on drops for some breakables

You’d also want to be using items that will help break the breakables faster. If you can find a way to break them really fast, you’ll end up getting more drops and ultimately more hacker keys. 

Additionally, if you want some codes for Pet Simulator 99, we have just what you need. Check out Pet Simulator 99: Codes (Updated Daily)!

Pet Surge Ultimate

You’d definitely want to use the Pet Surge Ultimate because what it does is it supercharges your pet like the Hasty Flag. So if you have the pet surge ultimate and the Hasty Flag equipped, it’ll double the supercharge and destroy a ton of more breakables to find those hacker keys.

Pet Surge in Pet Simulator 99

This way your pets will be destroying more breakables than the ones you see on the map. It’s one of the best builds in the game also because of how fast it recharges.

Note: Make sure to have your “Follow Tap” option toggled off because without it, the pet will break more breakables without being disrupted by the taps. 

Collecting breakables in Pet Simulator 99

You might find people suggesting to use the hidden treasure ultimate for more breakables because it can greatly increase the chance of random drops. The reason this will not work is because it’s a whole separate drop table. Anything that increases the chances will not help.

Now, we’re moving on to the most important part of finding hacker eyes. Through enchant setups.

Enchant Setup

  • Magnet:

In the enchant set up, you don’t need a super magnet and a regular magnet works just fine considering the size of the location. If you have the setup, you can exchange the super magnet for the regular magnet 3 if you need.

Speed 5 in Pet Simulator 99
  • Speed:

Next, your speed is the key for getting the hacker keys. It’s also the entire point of this guide: to help you find hacker keys much faster than you normally would be able to. Which is why in this setup, you’ll have two Speed 5s books since you want your pet to move as rapidly as possible.

This will let them break breakables at a much faster rate. 

If you’re wondering if speed 5 actually stack up; the answer is yes, they do, so go ahead and use 2 books in your setup instead of one. 

  • Treasure Hunter

We’ve talked about how this doesn’t help but it can be indeed in the setup anyway since while it does not speed up the process it also prevents you from slowing up so it may come in handy that way and make its home in one of your nine slots. 

Treasure Hunter 9 in Pet Simulator 99
  • Fruity Enchant

This enchant increases the power of your fruit by 25% and should definitely have a place in your setup. Additionally, it’ll be much better if you have your fruit mastery all the way up since fruit mastery can really come in handy even though it’s expensive to get.

The investment is way worth it because you’ll never have to eat fruits and you’ll always stay on a 100. Aside from fruits mastery, learn to reach max rank with this guide on How To Reach Max Rank (Update 5)!

According to the big games API, the fruity enchants do not stack so there’s not much point in having more than one in your setup. 

Fruity enchant in Pet Simulator 99
  • Happy Pets Book

The next good enchant is the Happy Pets Book which makes your pet move faster and attack faster. Anything that makes your pet move faster is always a good thing and a good addition and an essential part of your build. 

  • Critical 9 book

This book is not needed currently but it could be useful when event related items spawn like the superior chest spawn or the mini chests, things like that in general that take more hits to open. The game has a low damage cap so there’s already a good chance that your pets have reached that damage cap.

Criticals 9 in Pet Simulator 99

You’ll know if you are capped on damage if your pets can destroy breakables in 3 hits. Therefore, adding any item that helps your damage at that point shouldn’t do much for you or your breakables. This enchant would be more useful toward things like the boss chest, lucky blocks and any of the big things that have much more health. 

As of right now, we only need to farm breakables so there’s not much use of this. It should still be equipped in case a big chest that requires more hits shows up. 

  • Explosive Enchant
Explosive enchant in Pet Simulator 99

The description to this enchant says that pets have a chance of igniting explosives, and if you have this equipped you’ll notice a bunch of small explosives going off while your pet is grinding.

Explosives in Pet Simulator 99

This is a really good enchant because it damages multiple breakables at a time which is just what we need. This enchant increases about 30% of the amount of keys you’ll receive from it vs without using this enchant. 

The explosive enchant is highly recommended as something that needs to be a part of your build for the most amount of hacker keys as possible. 

Which should you prioritize if you only have 6 slots?

If you are using the free to play build and you only have six slots, you should eliminate the critical enchant and both the treasure hunters. You’ll definitely want to keep both speed books and the Happy Pets because your pet moving fast is what’s important along with the attack speed. The explosive enchant should also stay for reasons mentioned previously.

6 slots enchant setup in Pet Simulator 99

If your pet already does enough damage and breaks breakables at 3 hits, you can switch the fruity enchant with the critical book. This build is cheaper and everything costs under a million diamonds. The only thing expensive is the super magnet but even that can be replaced with the regular magnet 3. 

For more info on enchants and to learn which can be more useful to you, you can always check out our tier list called Best Enchant Tier List – Update 5!

The Hacker Key Hunter Book

If you want to go all out, you can always buy the hacker hunter book. This isn’t a mandatory step and it’s expensive but it’s for players who can afford to use it. It’s for 2.4 billion and if you do end up buying it, you can replace the critical book with it. 

Hacker key hunter book in Pet Simulator 99

It’s not recommended to purchase this book on the first day and you should probably wait a few days before trying to acquire it anyway. If you want to get as many keys as possible, this is the way to go. 


On top of your enchant setup, if you have a team of huges, you can put agility charms on your huges. If you can afford it, also go ahead and put in Royalty charms.

Huges in Pet Simulator 99

Royalty charms increase your pets speed, damage and diamond gains. So a speed and damage charm in a single slot can be super useful since we need to collect breakables as fast as possible.

If royalty charms are not an option for you because of its cost, the agility charms can also do the trick. You can also learn more about all the charms in this Best Charm Stone Tier List (Update 6). 

One final way to increase key drops is through friends bonus.

Friend Bonus

If you have friends in your lobby as you grind, you get a 10% bonus for each friend in the game. Your friends can actually join your private server and the only thing they have to do is join the game through your profile on Roblox. 

Going to their profile and clicking on their name will let you join their server and allow you to get that 10% boost and it’ll pop up on your screen. The friend bonus stacks up to 3 times. So you can invite up to 3 friends and get a 30% bonus. So, call your friends over and enjoy this new update with them.

And that’s everything for the ways you can get hacker keys fast in the game so go ahead and grind for the keys now to collect as many as possible. While you’re here also check out this guide on How To Get 100x Huge Chance + Bug Eggs Location (Backrooms) in Pet Simulator 99!


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