Pet Simulator 99: How To Prepare For Tech World & All Leaks

New shops, new pets, new items?!

Pet Simulator 99: How To Prepare For Tech World & All Leaks

The countdown for Update 6 in Pet Simulator 99 has not yet begun, but Tech World is the next big thing in the game. We’re going to see so much new content, obviously new items, new layouts–we can’t wait to talk about them all. Where do we even begin?!

How To Prepare For Tech World & Leaks

The date for Update 6 has not been announced and the usual countdown has not begun. BIG Games made the decision since Update 4 that they will only release an update when it’s ready on every Saturday on the week of completion.

Which means, you have at least another week to prepare for everything. Mostly your gems and wallet, but here it goes:

New Tech World Shop

Counting down from the top, we might have 64 new eggs to open and new huges to crack open. With that said, these are huge models we’ve seen before, namely the Pony, so these are likely just mockups to complete the look of the place.

It’s unclear if this will also expand into new areas to unlock. But there are new breakables that the devs had leaked.

To enter this place, we supposedly need a Tech Key. It’s unclear how this will be given to a player, but leaks have it that this might be a reward after Rebirth or certain milestone everyone can get. But we’ve seen models of the key having two parts similar to the Crystal and Secret Room Keys. And if that’s Rebirth 3 or certain ranks, here’s how to get you rank up fast.

New Inventory UI

The Inventory will receive an update that makes it easier to sort through your items. Finally, we can stop misclicking items and not have to get lost in the sauce while browsing our own backpack!

New Items

New items have been teased to drop in the next update. You know about the Tech Key now. And while we’ve had new exclusive Valentine’s Egg added just in time for the romantic season, there are more.

Tier IX Potions will soon be added to the game. We’re going to expect similar, but more powerful buffs from these potions.

Pet Simulator 99 Tier IX Potions

We are also getting a new tier for Enchant, namely the Tier VIII Enchants series. Below is a preview of the Enchant Diamond VIII.

Pet Simulator 99 Tier VIII Enchants

With the herald of new tiers, we’re going to have to prepare a lot of fodder enchants and potions to upgrade with. And these are also certainly to be sold in high prices when they’re released. You can grind them by collecting them periodically or buying from the Vending Machine. The Pinata is certainly a surefire method to grind a lot of them!

Additionally, there are rumors of Mastery System making a return with the new game. This is a system that allows players to get permanent upgrades from hatching luck to tap damages.

That’s everything we’ve got so far on Updatet 6 leaks pertaining to the Tech World specifically, and in general in Pet Simulator 99. Time to grind more of those diamonds!

What do you think the next update is going to be like? Let us know your thoughts in the comment down below!


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