Pet Simulator 99: When Is Update 5 & How To Prepare

Proper preparation can give you a head start when the new Update is out!

Pet Simulator 99: When Is Update 5 & How To Prepare

Pet Simulator 99 is a new Roblox game that lets you collect a number of different pets, move to new areas, and complete many challenges. The Developers are always working very hard to provide players with the most unique content and the most satisfying gaming experience.

The game until now has received up to 4 different updates. But this time, it is different. The developers are no longer releasing small weekly updates, but huge updates that come once in a while. In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to prepare for the next Fifth Update.

When Is Update 5 & How To Prepare

There is currently no information about when Update 5 is going to be out. This is because the developers have announced that they are no longer doing weekly updates. This means that Update 5 can take 1, 2, or 3 weeks until it is eventually released.

Pet Simulator 99: When Is Update 5 & How To Prepare Enchants

The developers have also released no information or leaks about the new Update. However, it can be seen that there will be a Third Rebirth in Area 75. Even though the final area we can access is Area 74, we can still see the Rebirth Feature from the other side.

Pet Simulator 99: When Is Update 5 & How To Prepare Rebirth

Apart from that, if you go to Area 56, you can still see the Castle still not unlocked. This is something that has been there for quite a long while and it is also likely that we will gain access to the new feature in Update 5.

Just like any other updates, you will also gain access to new Rank levels. This means that you can get access to Rank 15+ in the next update.

Pet Simulators 99 Castle

For now, you can do many things to prepare for the events. Here is a list of things that you can do to progress in the game. Make sure you do the Minigame dungeons to have a chance of getting Gems as well as a very rare chance of getting items/equipment.

  • Classic Obby.
  • Minefield.
  • Jungle Obby.
  • Atlantis Swim With Fish.
  • Fishing.
  • Digsite.
  • Pyramid Obby.
  • Ice Obby.
  • Sled Race.
  • Chest Rush.
  • Minecart Ride.
  • Gardening: Planting Diamond Seeds can make you a lot of Gems.
  • Hatching Eggs (At Spawn): There is a small chance for you to get a Huge Pet doing this. If you don’t have a Huge Hunter Game Pass, it is best to prepare Gems instead of opening Eggs.
  • Christmas Event: Collecting Presents and Selling them can make you a lot of money. Your income can be even higher if you manage to get rarer presents through the Gift Fuse feature at spawn.
  • Daycare: Daycare can give you a lot of gems if you send your pets on missions frequently.
  • Ranking Up: Prioritize completing Missions so you can rank up, expanding the number of pets you can have on your team to become stronger.
  • Gathering Stronger Enchants: Good Enchantments like Strength, Critical or Treasure Hunter are essential for your progress in the game. If you have already got them, try getting the Massive Comet Enchant, which can give you a lot more resources.
  • Selling to the Dealer Merchant: They can buy items from you for Diamonds, so utilize this feature!
Pet Simulators 99 Gameplay

Here’s one of the announcements from the developers, so you know what else to expect. It seems like they will start releasing huge updates instead of frequent small updates. There can also be new mechanics that will make your experience in-game much more comfortable, or other quality of life changes.

Pet Simulator 99 What to Expect

That’s how you can prepare for the Fifth Update in Pet Simulator 99. It seems like the developers are now focusing on bigger patches instead of frequent smaller ones. This means that preparation is now even more important to give you a head start when updates are out.

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