Phighting: Bivekit Location & Showcase

A genius plan in Phighting
Truly genius.

You know, it’s pretty rare when a Roblox game decides to collab with another game from the same platform. Typically, many titles try to collab with popular media, which is why it’s pretty cool that Phighting — the game we’re gonna be talking about — decided to collab with Regretevator to bring us none other than Bive (though in this case it’s Bivekit). To help everyone get this brand-new addition, here’s the Bivekit Location & Showcase!

Bivekit Location & Showcase

So, what exactly is Bivekit anyways? The reason why the character Bive is called this is because she’s a skin for the Medkit character in Phighting. Considering her overall popularity in Regretevator, it comes as no surprise that some players are chomping at the bit to get her in Phighting.

Where is Bivekit located?

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find her and unlock her skin in the game. As soon as you hop into the game (choose Medkit just because), she’s pretty much straight ahead.

Finding Bivekit in Phighting

All you have to do is move forward and jump down the side of the road, which I’ve outlined right here:

Finding Bivekit 2 in Phighting
Riiight down there.

Pretty easy, right? Once you’ve jumped down, you can start a conversation with Bivekit, and she’ll tell you all about this case she’s trying to solve. She wants to work with you, but uh… she needs quite a bit of cash.

Bivekit needs some Bux in Phighting
You need HOW MUCH?

What a strangely specific number. Also, that’s quite a lot. If you’re a relatively new player, you’re not going to be able to get this skin, at least not right away. That said, all you have to do is pay that extremely high amount and you’ve got her!

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As far as the showcase goes, this is pretty much the Medkit’s skills. After all, Bivekit is a skin, so you can’t really expect anything too crazy. I’ve got the moveset right here, though we’ll still go through everything:

Bivekit Kit in Phighting

Explaining the Kit

Passive (Crystalize)

“Headshotting an enemy heals you and the nearest ally with the lowest health. Recharges every 3 seconds.”

Primary (Curing Cartridge)

“Shoot enemies, headshotting them to deal extra damage, or heal allies by shooting them, healing more by headshotting them.”

Secondary (Fan the Hammer)

“Quickly fire all your ammo, each shot also heals and applies slow to enemies hit.”

Pretty cool right? Based on all of the abilities above, new players can surmise that Bivekit is all about healing allies. The funny thing is if you shoot your enemies, you deal damage, but if you shoot allies, you heal them. It’s a rather simple but clever way to handle things.

Explaining the Abilities

Q Ability (Crystal Shift)

“Teleport to an ally, granting them armor and creating an explosion. Heal more for each enemy hit.”

E Ability (Rejuvenation Ring)

“Fire a crystal which cleanses and heals the area.”

Phinisher (Divine Resurrection)

“Resurrect any dead allies around you. All currently alive allies around you gain temporary armor and heal. Heal yourself more for each enemy resurrected.”

Bivekit gun in Phighting
Even healing needs a gun these days!

How to Play Bivekit

The idea of playing Bivekit is actually pretty simple. You’ll need to work on dealing damage to your opponents while keeping an eye on the health of your allies. Skilled gameplay (through headshots) is rewarded with more damage / more healing.

Take care not to use your Phinisher until enough of your allies have gone down. However, if you feel as though you can’t wait, giving your allies extra armor isn’t a bad deal!

Happy Hunting in Phighting
Happy hunting!

If you’re the type of player that likes to support your allies, Medkit is the phighter for you. It’s just an added bonus if you’re a Bive fan! That’s it for the Bivekit Location & Showcase!

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