Pilgrammed: How To Parry | Complete Guide

Style on your enemy with parrying!

Parrying in video games is one of the coolest things you can do if done right, and is the simplest way to add more skill-based gameplay in any game! You’ve seen how people parry in games like Dark Souls or Ghost of Tsushima or even in Metal Gear: Revenge. Parrying is just so satisfying in the game, as you time your block or attack and parry the enemy which usually is followed up by a strong attack.

In Pilgrammed, an RPG in Roblox, you can parry enemies as well and in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it.

How To Parry Complete Guide For Pilgrammed

Parrying in video games is really just playing a very deadly rhythm game. You wait for the right time and hit a button, and when done right you parry the enemy and usually don’t get damaged.

It’s a great way to keep your health up and survive longer, but also to style on the enemy and demoralize them.

It’s all about the timing

Parrying in Pilgrammed really depends on the enemy, some enemies can be easier to parry than others. It really is up to practicing the timing of the attacks and blocking at the perfect time.

Just don’t forget that some enemies can be tougher to parry than others.

An example of a strange parry window is ranged enemies, as you can see in the image below the parry happened even before the arrows are near you.

To parry ranged enemies block the moment they attack and not when the projectiles hit you.

Still, there are some enemies that are just impossible to parry, like slimes that love to attack you relentlessly since sometimes they can attack multiple times in a row.

Increasing Parry Window

There are a lot of things that can affect your parry window, using a spear increases it a bit so if you like spears it’ll be easier to parry.

  • One item that increases the parry window is the Delicate Egg, but it also increases damage to you by 25%.
  • The Thorn Ring makes it so that when you parry you damage the enemy, sounds good on paper but not really.
  • Powered Locket is an item that gives you Pressure stacks, and each stack increases your next attack by 8% at the maximum of 8 stacks. If you’re good at parrying this is a great item to have.

Congratulations you now know how parrying works in Pilgrammed, it takes some time to learn and master it but it’s a great skill to have!

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