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Project Baki 3: All Codes (December 2023)

Project Baki 3 has a lot of new codes each month that give lots of amazing rewards. As players, you do not want to miss out on any of these codes since they can really speed up your progress. All of the rewards will help you progress quicker, which is extremely great. In this article, we will show you all the working codes in Project Baki 3.

All Working Codes in Project Baki 3

Here’s a list of all working codes in Project Baki 3. Keep in mind that you must type them as is:

  • TWITCH100—Redeem for 1,500,000 Yen (New)
  • TENSHADOWS—Redeem for 1,000,000 Yen (New)
  • ALOTOFTWITTERS—Redeem for 1,000,000 Yen (New)
  • SECONDAWAKENING—Redeem for Artifact reset 
  • SHADOWMONARCH—Redeem for 500K Yen and 2 Stat Resets
  • GREENFORTNITE—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets 
  • 62KLIKESWOW—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets 
  • TWEETA2K—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets 
  • TWEETS21—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets 
  • TWITTER17—Redeem for 1.7M Yen and 7 Stat Resets 
  • ARROWPLS—Redeem for Stand Arrows
  • STRONGMAN—Redeem for 1.5M Yen and 4 Stat Resets 
  • TWITTER17—Redeem for 1.7M Yen and 7 Stat Resets 
  • CODENOWORELSE—Redeem for EXP (new players) or Yen (experienced players) 
  • BIG60K—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets 
  • SKINUPDATE—Redeem for Spirit Thread, 1 Skin Pull, Stat Resets 1 Million Yen
  • SHADOWMANFIXED—Redeem for 5 million Yen
  • YUMYUMSAUCE—Redeem for 1 million Yen, 2 Stat Resets, and a Retsu Arm
  • TWITTER15—Redeem for 2 million Yen, 5 Stat Resets, and a Title
  • TWITTERGUY—Redeem for a reward
  • DEVILANDTOPH—Redeem for Yen (for new servers only)
  • ILOVETHAILAND—Redeem for Yen and Stat Resets
  • COLDESTWINTER—Redeem for a reward
  • 2024—Redeem for a reward
  • SEEYUH—Redeem for a reward
  • TWITTER14—Redeem for 2 Million Yen, 4 Stat Resets, and a title
  • 55KLIKESWOW—Redeem for a reward
  • MJ1KFOLLOWS—Redeem for 5 Million Yens, 5 stat resets, 10 color rerolls!
  • FREEYENTIME—Redeem for 5 million Yen
  • 50KMEMBERS—Redeem for 5 million Yen and 1 Stat Reset
  • 54KLIKESAMAZING—Redeem for 3 million Yen
  • TURKEYDAYYIP—Redeem for 4 million Yen, a Title, and an Emote
  • 53KLIKESWOW—Redeem for 4 million Yen and Title
  • PB3—Redeem for Experience or 1 million Yen if a character is at max level
  • NATSU3AM—Redeem for 4 million Yen
  • SAMNKURE—Redeem for 15 Stat Resets
  • FAZBEAR—Redeem for 1 Eclipse Summon
  • 52KLIKES!—Redeem for 1,000 Souls
  • ECLIPSESUMMON—Redeem for 1 Eclipse Summon
  • AKOYAFIX—Redeem for 4 million Yen
  • YAGAMIVIBING!—Redeem for Yagami Dance Emote
  • 51KLIKES!—Redeem for 2 million Yen and 5 Stat Resets
  • TOJIF—Redeem for Experience or 1 million Yen for max-level characters
  • YASHARESET—Redeem for Yasha Reset CD (Level 300 required)
  • COPYTECH—Redeem for 2.5 million yen
  • MOREMORECODES—Redeem for Experience
  • WETHEBESTNOCAP—Redeem for Experience
  • THREEKAYNOWAY—Redeem for Experience
  • WERESOBACK—Redeem for 5 stat resets and 5M Yen
  • ISTHISREAL—Redeem for 5 stat resets, 5M Yen, and Title
  • YUTAJOGOW—Redeem for bonus Yen
  • YUTANRIKA—Redeem for Experience
  • 50KLIKESSMITEME—Redeem for Smite
  • 50KLIKESRELICRESET—Redeem for a free Relic Reset
  • 50KLIKES!—Redeem for 5 million Yen, 15 Stat Resets, and 15 Color Rerolls
  • 49KLIKES!—Redeem for 2 million Yen, 8 Stat Resets, 4 Color Rerolls
  • SECRETCODY—Redeem for a Title
  • TIKTOK800—Redeem for 2 million Yen and Title
  • MUGMAN—Redeem for 2 million Yen and Title
  • GOJOPACK—Redeem for a Title and some yen

Make sure you join the Project Baki 3 Group, otherwise you will not be able to receive the rewards. These codes will give you a lot of Yen so make sure you use all of them!

Project Baki 3: All Codes (December 2023)

That’s all of the working codes for Project Baki 3! Make sure you do not miss out on any of the codes that get released by joining the Roblox group of the game as well as other social pages. The rewards are a lot and can really give you a strong boost!

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