Project Mugetsu: Best Item Tier List

Get educated on what the best items are in Project Mugetsu.

Project Mugetsu is a fanmade Bleach game on Roblox that has been around for almost a year now and the game has been widely successful as Bleach fans are having fun with this game. While it is lacking in content for a while, they did manage to update the game and made some changes that may help people have more fun with the game. If you’re wondering if the game’s items have taken some changes, then you’re in luck. In this tier list, I will show you the best items to use and the worst ones to avoid.

Best Item Tier List

Tier list of items for Project Mugetsu.

As you can see from the tier list, there’s a lot of new items to use in the game. Some are new but unsuable, some are old but still kicking, and some are so overpowered that using them just guarantees victory. But before we get started, bear in mind that this tier list is 100% opinionated and not to be taken as 100% facts.

If you think that some items belong in different tiers, then that’s your opinion. This is just what the general community believes to be the ideal tier list is based on people’s time spent with each items. Without further ado, let’s check out each tier.

S+, S, & S- Tier

Not much is to be said about these items others than being overpowered as they can be. If you have any of these items, even just from the S- tier, then you can expect yourself to be a menace to anyone that plays this game. Granted, you know how to use them.

A+ & A Tier

If you can’t find any items from the S tier, then any item from the A+ and A tier will give you the same result. Albeit a little weaker. These are items that are still very powerful but are still not enough to really hit the meta in the game.

B+ & B Tier

B+ and B tier are not as overpowered as the ones in S tier, but rest assured that you are still able to do some powerful stuff. Take the Head Captain’s Cape for example. It gives you a boost in Health by +85, Reiatsu by +125, and a tiny little increase in Damage by +1. Still, it’s able to help in fighting against powerful enemies.

C Tier

Items in C tier are considered items that you shouldn’t use, but you can use it if you don’t have any of the items in B tier and above. They’re pretty weak and are not recommended for use when using against powerful enemies.

That’s all you need to know about each item and the tier list in Project Mugetsu. Did this tier list help you understand what each item gives in the game? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to learn more about Project Mugetsu, then you should check out this guide to find Hogyoku Spawn location.


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