Project Mugetsu: Hogyoku Spawn Location

Now where can this Hogyoku be located?

Project Mugetsu: Hogyoku Spawn Location

Project Mugetsu is a free game on Roblox which is inspired by the world of Bleach. You can become one of the 4 races it offers: Soul Reaper, Hollow, Quincy or Fullbringer whichever you like more and acquire different powers. This is pretty similar to other Bleach inspired games on the Roblox platform. This guide will tell you about the spawn location of Hogyoku and how you can find it. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Hogyoku Spawn Location

Now before I talk about where Hogyoku can spawn, I want to mention that you can also get Hogyoku from the Hogyoku Conquest. You will have to win the conquest in order to have a chance of obtaining Hogyoku.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to where Hogyoku can spawn. Basically, Hogyoku does not have a specific location where it spawns. It can actually spawn anywhere in the world that you are in every 30 minutes. Now you might think that getting Hogyoku is extremely hard but there is a workaround for it.

What you need to do is search only in Wandenreich. It is by far the smallest map in the game. And it will take you about 10 minutes to search the entire map. You can easily do this after every 30 minutes and you will eventually stumble upon Hogyoku.

Wandenreich - Project Mugetsu: Hogyoku Spawn Location


If you want to make this process even easier, you can buy the Hogyoku Notifier gamepass for 1,875 Robux. Yes it is a bit expensive but it will ping the location of the Hogyoku when it spawns. It also doubles the drop rate of Hogyoku from Ranked.

This is it for this quick Hogyoku guide, I do hope it helped you out. Now if you are still new to the game and want to level up faster. Then I have a suggestion for you, check this guide out for tips: Best Leveling Method in Update 2 of Project Mugetsu.


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