Project Smash: All Classes Guide & Showcase

Check out what the best class is for you!

Project Smash All Classes Guide & Showcase

There are a lot of different classes in Project Smash and some people don’t have the time or resources to test them out.

If you’re one of those people who don’t want to grind and unlock all the characters, then it’s best to check them out first. You don’t want to try out a random character and then be disappointed at their moves after all!

In this guide, we’ll show you all the classes currently available in Project Smash. We’ll go through their moves and what they’re good at. Now, let’s see what these characters are!

All Classes Guide & Showcase

When you jump into the game for the first time, you’re spoiled with choices in Project Smash. There are a lot of characters and with new updates, there’s going to be more. Recently, they’ve added two more characters for players to enjoy, so let’s get started and see what’s your choices.

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The Ninja is a fast and agile character that can use bombs and firecrackers along with his katana. If you want to swing a Japanese sword around, troll people with bombs, or do some sick combos then this one’s for you.

Fast attacks, great combo potential, and who doesn’t like Katanas? We have a guide on how the Ninja class works and some sample combos, so go check that out!

Project Smash Ninja Attack


Nothing beats the classic Sword and Board users. With a shield in one hand and a sword in the other, this unit specializes in taking hits and counters. Don’t let the bulky look fool you as this character can be surprisingly agile and have some quick moves!

Project Smash Knight Attack

If you like baiting enemies into a counter, swinging a sword around, and think Katanas are overrated then this one’s for you. Of course, we have a guide for you if you want to try the Knight character out!


Don’t be fooled, there are no ranged characters in this game. It doesn’t stop the archer though since it’s one of the few classes with consistent medium-range attacks. Not only that but the bow is a weapon, right? So why not use it as a proper weapon and hit things with it?

Project Smash Archer Attack

If you like to be like Legolas shooting arrows everywhere at point blank for some reason then this character is for you. Go check out our detailed guide on the Archer’s move set and combos to go with it!


The range of these attacks may just be arm’s length, but it can still pack a punch! The Boxer character has some great moves that can catch enemies off-guard. Not only that, but they also have a move to counter enemies sending them flying off. Nothing beats beating people with your bare hands after all!

Project Smash Boxer Attack

If you like punching things, running up to gun and sword battles without any weapons or combos then this one’s for you. Check out all the moves and combos in our detailed guide on the Boxer character!


Don’t be fooled by the name, Sumo is not a slow and lumbering character. It’s one of the characters that have the most range in terms of movement attacks. You can jump high up and smash your opponents with your belly or crush their bones with a hug!

Project Smash Sumo Attack

If you’re a fan of just crushing your enemies to death or surprising them that you’re not a Boxer user then this one is for you. Go check out all the cool moves in our detailed guide on the Sumo character!


You have a big axe so swing big and send those enemies flying! The Viking is a great character for those who want nothing but offense.

The moves can be flashy as well with Earth Shatter slamming your axe to the ground creating a shockwave. There’s also a grab move that is not only visceral but can put your enemies in their place on the ground!

Project Smash Viking Character

If you like axes, big moves that deal a lot of damage, or just want to be angry all the time then the Viking’s for you. Make sure to go check out our detailed guide on their moves and combos!


This is one of the newest characters that you can play in Project Smash. The bandit has a simple mantra; bring a gun to a sword fight. Their moves might be melee range only, but they’re fun to do, and you have two weapons: a Double-barreled shotgun and a revolver.

If you like the Wild West, six-shooters, and throwing dynamite at people then this character is for you. Make sure to go check out all of their moves in our detailed guide on the Bandit moves & combos!


This is the Ninja if he didn’t meddle with gunpowder and stuck to his blades. The Rogue has two blades, flashy moves, and not to mention they’re fast! This character has it all, a medium-range attack, a fast move, and a counter. Not to mention the M1 attacks just look so cool!

Project Smash Rogue Attack

If you want to slice and dice enemies quickly and do sick combos, then this character is for you. Just make sure that you go check out our detailed guide on the Rogue moves & combos, so you know what to do!


Monk is the first C-tier class in the game, bragging insanely good combo potential and recovery. It’s the next new style after Rogue. If you’re good, you can recover even at 200+% in a 1v1 situation because of how mobile the entire moveset is. For more details, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Monk moves & combos!


The Golem Class is a class with slower and stronger attacks. It focuses on powerful punches that knock the enemy backward as well as strong attacks that create shockwaves on the ground. To get the Golem, you’ll want to have at least $14,000 to purchase from the in-game shop. For more details, you can check our dedicated guide for the Golem moves &combos!

Those are all the classes and what they can do in Project Smash. Now, go out there and try out the class that you like!

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