Remnant 2: How to Get Zealot Armor Set | Ritualist Class Armor Set

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Remnant 2 Zealot Armor

A new set of armor will always be welcome in games like Remnant 2. Players will either use these and make the most out of their defensive capabilities or will just simply put them on and start roleplaying as a Witch Hunter.

Play the game by starting with the Ritualist archetype and you’ll have immediate access to this armor set. If you didn’t have the chance to do that then there’s still another way to get a copy of the armor for yourself. Read the rest of the guide below for The Awakened King DLC and find out more!

How to Get Zealot Armor Set

Play the game until you get to the castle named as the Palace of the One True King. You’ll get here eventually as long as you’re following the main quest.

Start close to the World Stone and make your way to the left side of the room. Take the stairs going up and turn left as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

Remnant 2 Palace

You should be able to see a broken segment of the handrail on the second floor. Jump down and use the stairs to your left to continue on.

Use the first door you see; this will take you to the outside area of the Forlorn Coast.

Remnant 2 Palace

Step further into the coast and you’ll start a boss fight. Get through that and approach the tower to your right. Take the stairs going down, and head out using the window before you get to the base.

Remnant 2 Forlorn Coast

Remnant 2 Forlorn Coast

Follow the path going down until you reach the segment filled with hanging corpses. One of them will have the entire set and are more than willing to part ways with it.

Shoot the rope to lower the corpse from the rafters to get the armor set.

Remnant 2 Zealot Armor

And that’s how you get the Zealot Armor set in Remnant 2. Oh wow you’re already putting it on, don’t you like, want to give it a wash first? Suit yourself.

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