Residence Massacre: Become Anomaly Monster Guide

Road to become a pro Anomaly Monster.

Residence Massacre: Become Anomaly Monster

For the longest time, Residence Massacre was always a PVE game where you have to survive against the Anomaly Monster.

But with the most recently update, the Roblox game is now an asymmetrical horror game where a random player will be chosen as the hunter, or as this game calls it, the Anomaly Monster.

This guide is going to be about learning the Anomaly Monster mechanics and how to become a good hunter. This is a fresh new mechanic in the game, so we’re expecting visual fixes and more in the future.

Become Anomaly Monster Guide

A random player will typically be chosen as the Anomaly Monster or hunter at the start of the game. This means that you don’t have a choice but to take part in preparing to defend the house.

The game becomes a 1v3, but there are limitations. As the hunter, you have two forms:

  • Spirit Form is with which you fill your blood meter by gathering souls and using traps. You also need to pick a window to break and spawn on.
  • Anomaly Form is the only form where you can kill players.
Residence Massacre Anomaly Monster Spirit Form

Now, if you’re familiar with the famous strategy in the game, you’re already half-prepared. Here are some tips for Anomaly Monster playthrough:

  • Players typically gives each window a single barricade. Start your first two hunts by breaking one window upstair and one downstair.
  • Take your time spawning in to hunt. In Spirit form, you can scout the area to figure out where everyone is to pick how you want to spawn.
  • Remember that you can choose to drop down after breaking a window! This can be a great method to bait players into thinking that you’re going into the 2nd floor, but you’re actually jumping down. You can also avoid camped rooms from cancelling your hunt by turning on the light.
Residence Massacre Anomaly Monster
  • Use Rush by pressing your jump key to chase after players.
  • Place your ability in the corners of the house. This is going to let you get charges from people hiding inside and outside.
Residence Massacre Anomaly Monster ability

And good luck! Those are some tips to become Anomaly Monster in Residence Massacre. We’ll definitely be back when future changes are added to the PVP mode!

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