Reverse: 1999 – Patch 1.2 Tier List

Where did my favorite hero go?!

Reverse 1999 Prydwen Tier List

There’s been a couple of changes in Reverse: 1999’s recent global 1.2 patch. A few heroes have been bumped up a tier while some others were moved down, and players are scrambling right now for info as to why this rebalance happened in the first place.

A great thing about this tier list is that most of the info is already laid out for you. All you have to do is check out the Changelog on the same page.

Check out the rest of the tier list if you want a breakdown of everything else!

Patch 1.2 Tier List

As per usual your heroes are divided into three categories all along the tier list. These categories are your Damage Dealers, Support, and Survival roles.

Most characters that went down and up a Tier are mentioned in the Changelog as well. We’ll be focusing on those characters for the most part.

Overall, defensive characters became much more relevant due to the constant damage you receive from enemies in all modes.

With this in mind, remember to always bring a healer and find a way to mitigate damage whenever you’re out in the field.

Reverse: 1999 - Patch 1.2 Tier List
Source: Prydwen

S Tier

  • Melania – Moved from A to S. Her own Moxie gain mechanics are better than anticipated, making her use less AP. Her leech rate and extremely high multipliers once fully stacked makes her perfect for endgame content.
  • Jessica – Moved from A to S. Boasted great performance during Raids. Not only that but since Limbo again turned favor to Plants, her overall usage drastically rose.
  • Shamane – Moved from A to S. Shamane took Voyager’s slot in the second half of the patch and proved to be a better choice for Debuffs.
  • Balloon Party – Moved from A to S. Since the game got more difficult during the latter half of the patch, double defensive supports started appearing more often. If you have trouble surviving, then this is the reason why Balloon Party is becoming a popular and easy slot to pick.

A Tier

  • Regulus – Moved from S to A. Used frequently during the early cycle of the patch together with 37. However, Lilya would take her spot later on.
  • Charlie – Moved from S to A. Lost her place entirely in Raid teams to other damage dealers.
  • Voyager – Moved from S to S. Used commonly in raids and events during the first half of the patch. As time passed on the meta turned away from her in favor of Shamane.
  • X – Moved from B to A. X’s overall usage rose ever since the release of Balance and Please psychube.
  • Sotheby, Tennant, Dikke – All moved from B to A. All three started to get more use ever since Jessica got popular.

B Tier

  • Eagle, Sweetheart & Satsuki – All moved from C to B. All three are now commonly used in Raids and other content by players lacking in higher rarity characters.
  • Horropedia – Moved from A to B. Overall usage of this character drastically dropped in the second half of the patch.
  • Click – Moved from C to B. Became a popular option along with Sotherby, Tennant, and Dikke ever since Jessica got more usage.

C Tier

  • Moondlicht – Moved from D to C. Now commonly used in raids along with Eagle, Sweetheart, and Satsuki. This is usually the case for players who don’t have higher rarity characters.
Reverse 1999 Jessica

And that’s what changed with Reverse: 1999’s tier list in Patch 1.2. Characters that haven’t been mentioned in the list mostly retained their stats and don’t need any moving just yet.

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