Ritual of Love Event GUIDE in Soulstone Survivors

Valentines Day may be over, but not for Soulstone Survivors.

Valentines events are normal for games, especially when the games you play are live service. It’s a way for developers to release new FOMO (fear of missing out) content that will never be found ever again.

However, Valentines events can also be fun if done correctly, like the Ritual of Love event in Soulstone Survivors.

This is a neat little endless wave with only one objective through and through. If you are wondering how to do it, then you can follow this guide to learn more.

Soulstone Survivors – Ritual of Love Event Guide

How to Beat the Ritual of Love Event

Beating the Ritual of Love Event is actually super easy. It’s only difficult because the hordes of enemies increase with every minute that passes.

However, the steps to beat it is simple:

  • Find a pink crystal and break it.
  • A Cupid will appear, but it is immune to all attacks. Do not attempt to defeat it.
  • Play normally until you hear a ding in the game.
  • Once you hear it, look for a pink tower with a heart on top.
  • Lead the Cupid to the tower and have it walk into the tower. This will kill it.
  • Do this seven more times and you will get an achievement.

That’s pretty much it on how to beat the Ritual of Love event.

There are more difficulties to do, which means you will have to collect the achievements there as well.

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