RoBending Online: Fire Blimp Location & Showcase

Time to fly in style.

RoBending Online: Fire Blimp Location & Showcase

The Fire Blimp or the hot air balloon is a real ride in RoBending Online to get one. It is inspired from the very same Fire Blimp off the series, complete with the bright red balloon design and the ability to control it with fire-bending. And we’re going to show you how to get one of these on yuor own.

Fire Blimp Location & Showcase

Fire Blimp is a very extra rare drop from the Air Temple. To even have a chance to get it, you must attempt the Air Temple on your own. And it may take many, many attempts to get one.

Fire Blimp can be controlled using fire-bending and you can see how from the description at the bottom of the screen when you’re on it.

E: Fly up
Q: Float down
W: Fly forward
S: Fly backward
A: Turn left
D: Turn right

The Fire Blimp needs a lot of fire the higher it goes up. But it also bugs out when you fly up with more than one player where players become frozen in place. You can also shoot people from your Fire Blimp, allowing you to snipe other players.

And that’s how you can get the Fire Blimp in RoBending Online! In case that you missed it, here’s a guide for the Water Temple update.


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