Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: How To Lock Pick

Unlock those chests.

While playing Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders, you are going to need to open some chests to get access to valuable loot from time to time. However, some chests will require you to use a lockpick. In this game, the lockpick system is a little bit different. In this guide, we will talk about How to Lock Pick in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders.

How To Lock Pick

Unfortunately, Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders have a rather weird and unpleasant lockpick system. In a normal game, there is a method you will need to apply to a lock. However, for this game, everything is completely random.

This means that you are going to have some trouble unlocking chests that require a lockpick almost all the time. So when you want to unlock a chest, you will need to risk a lot of lockpicks and sometimes not finding anything good inside.

Moreover, each time you fail to open a chest, your chance of opening the chest increases. You will most likely lose most of your lockpicks and get annoyed at the end.

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders: How To Lock Pick

Unfortunately, this is all we know about using lockpick in the game. The whole system is completely random, and it requires you to be extra lucky to not waste a lot of time and lockpicks. You might want to consider taking a look at Master Keys, as they’re much better than lockpicks!

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