Roblox Asura: Snowman Quest Location & Complete Christmas Update Guide

Everything you’ll need to know about 2024’s Christmas Update!

Asura is a huge PvP fighting game on Roblox. Developed by Asura Association, the game has players training in different forms of martial arts to become the strongest Asura Champion. 

This Christmas, Asura Association has dropped a huge Christmas update with loads of content. In this article, we show you the Snowman Quest Location and everything to know about the Asura Christmas Update.

Snowman Quest Location & Christmas Update Guide

With the latest update, players of Asura are keen to find out what’s new with the game. Some updates include a new Santa boss and Snowman quest.

In this quest, you’ll be asked to find what appear to be little snowmen across the map. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed all seven Snowman locations here. 

There are many more additions to the Christmas update, and we’ve laid them all out here as well.

Snowman Quest

Start The Quest

To trigger the Snowman quest, first interact with the NPC by the portal at the docks. He should be easy to find, but a marker you can use is a large Christmas tree. The NPC will be a Santa model. Talk to him and accept the quest.

From this NPC you can also access the event exclusive Christmas shop where you can redeem candy canes for raids. You can also buy other event-themed items from this shop.

Christmas tree to activate Snowman quest in Asura.

Location 1

The first snowman will be found right outside the docks. Head to the streets and the snowman will be on the other side of a crossing.

Run towards it and click on it – a flame should appear on the snowman to indicate that it’s been found.

First location of snowman in Asura.

Location 2

The next snowman is at the Sumo trainer location. You should find this second snowman to the right of the Torri (the red Japanese gate).

Second location of snowman in Asura.

Location 3

The next snowman will be right across the Asura Association building. Enter through the area indicated below and go to the south-right corner of the area. You will find the snowman there.

Third location of snowman in Asura, right across Asura Association.

Third location of snowman in Asura.

Location 4

You can find the next snowman right outside the sewers. 

Fourth location of snowman in Asura.

Location 5

Head to the Gang Base area and the next snowman should be to the left of the entrance. If you can’t see it, run around the area and the snowman should spawn after some time.

Fifth location of snowman in Asura.

Location 6

This next snowman may be difficult to find. Go to Mount Hua (the area where you can go to train), and climb up these steps. 

Sixth location of snowman in Asura.

Once you get to the top here, look behind you and there will be pillars along the wall leading upwards. Jump up those and get to the top. The top of that structure will have a snowman.

Location 7

This next one will be right beside the Old Man’s House to the left. This might be easy to miss at first glance.

Seventh location of snowman.

Location 8

The last snowman for the Snowman Quest is right on top of the Gang Base. Enter and climb to the top and you’ll find the eighth snowman overlooking the city. 

Eighth location of snowman.

Completing this quest will give you 500 Candy Canes and a Santa hat.

Saint Nicholas Boss Raid

This new update also comes with a new boss raid. Players can create teams of a maximum of 4 people to take on this Santa-themed boss. Note, however, that players have to be at least E+ Rank to enter the raid.

Drops from the Saint Nicholas Boss Raid include the following:

  • Winter Fighter Fur (Legendary)
  • Winter Fighter Pants (Legendary)
  • Winter Fighter Gauntlets (Mythical)
  • Blessed Gem (Mythical)

Frost Bane

Frost Bane is a limited-time weapon Asura players can get this Christmas update. This can be obtained by gacha when opening Mythical Gifts.

Super Bosses

This new Christmas update introduces 3 New Super Bosses. These Super Bosses have a 5% chance of spawning and have a separate drop cooldown from normal bosses.

Rewards from these bosses include:

  • 3x more cash than normal bosses
  • 2x more stats than normal bosses
  • Tier 4 Gems (Newly added):
    • Berserking Gem (Drops from Emsis “Demon Tyrant” Kure)
    • Juggernaut Gem (Drops from Grim “Last Laugh” Reaper)
    • Accelerant Gem (Drops from Mira “Wind Dancer” Senko)

Balance Changes

Apart from these new additions, the Asura Association introduces balance changes to improve the gameplay experience. These include:

  • Additional Outfit Slots
    • Players can save their character outfits so there’s no need to reroll them anymore
  • Skippable trainer dialogue
  • Skill descriptions are more accurate to the skill and its effect
  • Game Mechanic Changes
    • The speed cap is decreased by 7.5%
    • Stat scaling is reduced by 90% after 5000 on any stat
    • There is an added 70% scaling reduction after 150/150 Upper Muscle/ Lower Muscle
    • Having over 150 total muscle or 50 fat will result in losing a dash
    • Every grab move has 0.45s of iframes after successfully landing
    • Being exhausted reduces stamina regen by 50%

Apart from these balance changes, the update also introduced altered scaling, and common bugs were fixed.

And that’s everything on the Snowman Quest Location and the Asura Christmas Update. This guide will hopefully help you complete this Christmas event, enabling you to get started on all the other fun updates that Asura Association has in store.

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