Roblox Bedwars: How To Get Player Level 50 Fast

The more you win, the quicker you will level up!

Roblox Bedwars: How To Get Player Level 50 Fast Featured Image

Leveling up in Roblox BedWars allows you to unlock your access to many different items, powerful kits, and gamemodes. As a beginner player, you will want to increase your character level to 50, which is the maximum level. 

In the newest update, the level cap has been increased from 30 to 50. In this guide, we will show you how to get to level 50 fast.

How To Get Player Level 50 Fast

Upon reaching certain level milestones, you can receive unique rewards. Here are the newest milestones rewards:

  • Lv.25: +1 Daily Battle Pass Mission
  • Lv.30: Diamond Lucky Crate (This item is given every 5 levels after Lv.30)
  • Lv.40: Mythic Dagger Lobby Gadget
  • Lv.50: Hero Title
Player Level Increase Season 9 Roblox Bedwars

Choosing A Kit

To reach level 50 quickly, you will want to maximize your chances of winning games. You can do that by applying some of the tips we are about to show you.

First, use a kit that you are good with. Most BedWars kits in the game have different items and abilities you can use to have an advantage in fights. 

If you do not know what kit you are good at, or you’re decent at using all the kits, consider taking a look at Best Kit Tier Lists. With more than a hundred kits you can use, the possibilities are endless!

EXP Factors

How much EXP you earn depends on many factors, including gamemodes, bed breaks, kills, diamonds & emeralds collected, generators captured, winning, etc.

Here’s a list of gamemodes that you should prioritize to gain the most EXP. In the next sections, we will discuss the first two methods, since they give the most EXP gain per hour.

  • Bridge 1v1
  • SkyWars
  • Gun Game
  • Duels & 1v1
  • Solos

There are also many other boosts you can obtain to increase your EXP gain:

  • Battle Pass XP Boosts: The Battle Pass gives you free boosts that double your EXP.
  • Clan XP Boost: Make sure you are in a Clan that has a level 50 Battle Pass EXP Boost.
  • Missions: These can get you around 24,000 XP in around 5 minutes.
  • Once you have a free XP Boost item, make sure to use it before you start playing.

Bridge 1v1 Gamemode

The 1v1 Gamemode is a way for you to get quick exp thanks to the short game time. For the 1v1 Winstreak Gamemode, some good kits you can use are Milo, Terra, and Whim.

Once you load in, mine at least 1-2 ores. You can also mine two ores to get a gumdrop. The gumdrop item will allow you to bounce to higher areas to chase opponents, or to obtain resources.

After you stand on the gumdrop, you will launch upwards. At this time, remember to hit the gumdrop and collect it so you still keep it in your inventory.

You can also consider buying blocks to help you move between islands. Once you reach your opponents’ island, use the ranged abilities to chip away their health, giving you a health advantage.

Duo Skywars Gamemode

If you do not like playing on your own, one of the gamemodes that gives the most EXP is the Duo  SkyWars Gamemode. For this mode, consider getting a good teammate. A good teammate who understands what they are doing can really help you win the gamemode.

To further increase your EXP gain, consider using an EXP Boost to help you reach level 50 in a shorter amount of time.

Bedwars Duo Skywars Gamemode

Other Tips

There are also many other general PvP tips that you can apply:

  • Learning Your Kit: Since there are many kits in the game, it is best for you to focus on only a few Kits. Having a thorough understanding of how to use a kit and how to play against other kits is much more important than playing all kits evenly. Do not focus on the meta, sometimes it is also good to play a kit that fits you.
  • Clicks Per Second: Experiment with your clicks per second and find the right CPS that can maximize your damage output.
  • Height Advantages: When you are on high ground, jumping on top of other players lets you do the first hit. This will give you a health advantage over your opponent before the fight really starts.
  • Aiming: Hitting enemies from a distance with abilities requires you to have lots of practice. Learning how to predict enemy movements and understanding the range of your weapons can help you land the first few hits on your opponent. This gives you a health advantage.
  • When to Jump: If you have high ping, jumping can let you dodge enemy combos more easily. When you have low ping, only jump whenever necessary or it can mess up your aim.
  • Ping & FPS: FPS can be increased by lowering your settings. When it comes to your Ping, consider playing in Roblox servers that are near you to have the best gaming experience.

When you are playing in a Squad gamemode, you can also pay attention to your role in a team. You can help your team protect the bed, or destroy the enemy teams’ beds. Other than that, applying other general PvP tips can also help you win your games more frequently and maximize EXP gain.

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