Roblox: How To Get All Bakugan Launch Party Items

Get all the items and celebrate the start of Bakugan Geogan Rising!

Bakugan Geogan Rising is releasing the second part today and there is gonna be a huge launch party on Roblox. With this event being shown far and wide, there are many items that are being given for free to players: avatars, companions, etc. But some of you might not really understand how you’re supposed to get them, so here is exactly what you need to do. It’s gonna take exactly one second and will be extremely easy to follow!

How To Get All Bakugan Launch Party Items – Roblox

The premiere for Bakugan Geogan Rising will happen today at 3pm EST and you should be there for it. But the items you can get will be there until September 15th.

There are two types of items you can get: Free and Paid. Luckily, the free items are really easy to get, so let’s get into it.

Free Rewards

If you enter Roblox and go to the game page, click to play and you’ll join in.

Once you’re inside the game, you will be greeted with this Daily Reward screen. Just claim the item and you’ll get it.

You will also gain an avatar and a shoulder companion once you enter the game for the first time.

Unfortunately, you cannot get the items you have missed, so just be sure to come back everyday!

Paid Items

Since not all items are rewards, you need to buy some of the others. By clicking the shopping cart icon on the right side of the screen, you will see the other items you can get.

All the items cost Robux, so be careful with what you want to buy and spend your money wisely!

You can also see all the items before buying them in the merchandise store that you can find in the main lobby.

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