Roblox Ohio: How To Be Rich + Tips To Make Money

Time to get yourself rich and achieve the Ohio dream (if there is such a thing).

Roblox Ohio: How To Be Rich + Tips To Make Money

Ohio is a free to play game on the Roblox platform. If you are not familiar, it is an open world game where you can fight other players. You can also rob banks, stores, etc. The game has a good variety of weapons that you can try to get and use them in combat.

This guide will show you how you can easily get rich in the game without having to rely on traditional methods. The only thing you have to do is keep on reading and you will learn the secrets of getting rich fast in this game.

How To Be Rich (Tips on Making Money Fast)

You are probably aware of the traditional methods through which you can get money in the game. Those methods include destroying ATMs and robbing Jewelry Stores or Banks.

The problem with destroying ATMs is that it does not give much money. Robbing Jewelry Stores or Banks takes a decent amount of time, and you will have to stay alive as well (defending against other players). Even if you are successful in robbing, it still does not offer you much money.

You can make money that way but you can not get rich. Which is why the new update method discussed below is far better and you can get rich in an hour or two depending on how much you want to grind.

Rollie Method

For this method you will need to craft Rollies. You need to go to the crafting menu and you will be able to see the Rollie Recipe.

Rollie - Roblox Ohio: How To Be Rich + Tips To Make Money
Rollie Recipe.

After the update, crafting a single Rollie only costs 30 Refined Metal which is not that hard to get. You can get Refined Metal from the Boxes that are lying around Ohio. These are located pretty much everywhere. Once you find them, open them up and you will have a chance of receiving some Refined Metal.

Boxes - Roblox Ohio: How To Be Rich + Tips To Make Money
You can get Refined Metal from Boxes like these.

Once you craft a Rollie, you can sell it for $10,000. It takes 3 minutes to craft one Rollie, so in half an hour you can craft 10 Rollies which will make you $100,000. All that in just 30 mintues. You can keep repeating this process until you get enough money that you are satisfied with.

This completes this guide and now you know how to get rich fast and easily. Do you know that the new idle farm simulator called Rusty’s Retirement just got recently released and people are loving the game. If interested, check this guide to get familiar with the game: Rusty’s Retirement: Best Tips & Tricks for Better Gameplay.


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