Roblox Wild West: How To Unlock Everything in Christmas Update 2023

Become the ultimate cowboy!

Roblox Wild West Bronze City

Whenever there’s an event there’s always a reward, and most of the time in games like Roblox Wild West, all you have to do is simply show up to collect what belongs to you.

It’s like visiting your relatives, because you love them, not because they have Christmas money you need to get.

But you might want to check out the rewards for The Wild West’s Christmas update before the year comes to a close.

There are a few knickknacks here that you’re definitely going to be interested in. Check out the rest of the guide below if you want to get everything real fast!

How To Unlock Everything in Christmas Update 2023

The update brought back a few items from previous events along with a new rifle. If you know how guns were made back in the olden days, then you would know that it’s a repeater.

It’s a remodeled Yellowboy rifle you can get by killing Snowmen.

If you want a full update on the new changes that you’ll be dealing with, check out our Complete Christmas Update guide for 2023.

Roblox Wild West Rewards

Christmas Tree Rewards

The first things you’ll need to get are the Christmas Cookies, Santa’s Sled, and some snowballs. Get those items by claiming your free present in the Bronze City Christmas Tree.

Christmas Cookies can also be retrieved from the Evil Snowman roaming around the map.

Since there’s snow everywhere, you can take a wild guess on how you can get some for yourself. To connect your sled your house, make sure that both items are close to each other.

After that, simply interact with your sled and hold “E” when you see the prompt that says, “Connect to Horse.”

Roblox Wild West Bronze City

Rednose Rifle

Make your way to Santa’s Workshop all the way up the Copper Gulch Mine. It’s the closest mine to Bronze City, all you have to do is head north.

Talk to him and he’ll tell you about killing the Evil Snowmen again. Destroying his old workforce has a chance of dropping 3 gun parts that you’ll need to put the rifle together.

These are the Frosty Gun Parts, Frosty Gun Body, and the Frosty Gun Barrel. Collect all of those parts and bring them back to Santa in the workshop.

Roblox Wild West Santa's Workshop

Four Hats & A Scarf

Killing the same Evil Snowman over and over again will get you cosmetic items. These items include the Christmas Scarf, Evil Snowman Head, Christmas Cookies, and the Candy Cane.

Other hats that can be freely equipped are listed below. All you have to do is go to the hats section:

  • Conductor Hat
  • Aviator Hat
  • Sailor Hat
  • Fur Hood
  • Blue Scarf (Can be equipped in the masks section)
Roblox Wild West Evil Snowman

And that’s how you get all of the items in Roblox Wild West’s 2023 Christmas event. Now, go and cleanse the frontier from the evil snowmen who refuse to work to earn their keep!

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