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Ah yes quest guides, one of the many sections you actually look forward to whenever you’re reading a magazine in a nail salon. Even better if you’re playing a game like Runescape 3 as there’s tons of things that can go wrong while you’re out doing your business so best prepare beforehand by reading through this Garden of Tranquility guide. You’ll definitely need a lot of things before you even begin to think about starting this quest so let’s get right to it!

Garden of Tranquility 2023 Quest Guide – Ironman Friendly | Runescape 3

To start the quest, go to the Varrock Palace Garden located on the eastern side of the property and speak to Ellamaria twice. For the second time, choose the option that says ‘How am I supposed to move statues all the way here?’ and she’ll give you a trolley for you to use.

Now you can use the compost that you have on the two plantpots that’s sitting in the north, after that rub your Amulet of glory and teleport to Draynor Village to talk to the Wise Old Man.

The position of the answers might change around for you so here are the dialogue options you have to choose in order to proceed further:

After speaking to the Wise Old Man

  • No.
  • Queen Ellamaria has sent me to seek your guidance.

Answers to his questions:

  • Show them a range of colours so that they can come to a compromise.
  • Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.
  • It’s absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I’ve ever done!
  • Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.
  • You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!
  • Ask me nicely and I might consider it.
  • No, especially not that wise old man, who doesn’t look at all suspicious.

Now go use your explorer’s ring to teleport you to the cabbage patch, or you can just run there as it’s pretty close. Before speaking to Elstan, make sure you have your Ring of Charos equipped. Here are the answers you’ll be giving him:

  • Do you have any delphinium seeds to spare?
  • (Charm) That is why I have come to an expert for advice.
  • (Charm) Not just AN expert. Elstan – they say you are THE expert.
  • (Charm) Oh no, I love listening to gardening stories…
  • (Charm) Millions? Ah, just what I wanted to hear…
  • Okay, I’ll grow you some marigolds.

Next you have to clear the flower patch, using your best compost is optional but recommended when planting your Marigold seed. This will take twenty minutes to grow so you can continue the quest while you’re waiting. Don’t forget to activate your Greenfingers Aura once you have everything planted!

You can now to go Canifis to speak to Lyra, she’ll let you in on all there is to know about how fun and lucrative farming can be in this day and age. To get more out of her here’s the order of the things you can say:

  • Do you have any orchid seeds to spare?
  • (Charm) If you tell me your problems, I may be able to help you.
  • (Charm) Yes, I was wondering about that.
  • (Charm) Times must be very hard for you.
  • (Charm) Whatever you’ve done. I’m sure you had just cause.
  • (Charm) And what is the nature of this fee that you pay?
  • (Charm) If not yours, then whose blood are you offering?
  • (Charm) How can you deal with so much guilt?
  • That’s a deal – I’ll grow a patch of onions for you.

For the two allotment patches put your best quality compost in them before you actually plant the onion seeds. These bad boys will take 40 minutes to grow, thankfully there’s more to do in the quest to help pass the time!

The next part of your journey will take you to another allotment patch over at East Ardougne where another sorry sod named Kragen will require some healing words in order to budge:

  • Do you have any snowdrop seeds to spare?
  • (Charm) You seem to be a little irritable, my friend.
  • (Charm) I don’t like to see a fellow human being so upset.
  • (Charm) So what ails you, my friend?
  • (Charm) Well, is there anything I can do for you?
  • (Charm) So what can I do for you?
  • That’s a deal – I’ll let you know when your cabbages are ready.

Do the same order for the allotment patches and now we’re bound for Catherby!

Speak to Dantaera and choose the following dialogue:

  • Do you know how I could grow a White Tree?
  • (Charm) I think that there is something that you are not telling me.
  • (Charm) A secret is a dreadful burden to have to keep to yourself.
  • (Charm) Unless you allow me to do this she will die anyway.

Up next is the Edgeville Monastery, make an attempt to click on any of the roses to take their seeds to engage Brother Althric in a conversation. Tell him that ‘these are the most beautiful rosebushes I’ve ever seen.’ and go to the White Tree that can be found on top of the Ice Mountain. When asked for your intentions towards the tree go and use the Secateurs to receive a White Tree Shoot in your inventory.

Use the White Tree Shoot on your filled plant pot and water it using your watering can and go back to the middle of Edgeville. Here you’ll take off your Ring of Charos and proceed to throw it down the well to appease Brother Althric. That is after you’re done messing with his rosebushes again to start another conversation.

You should be able to get a total of twelves seeds now from the different rosebushes after you’ve earned his trust. Naturally you’re going to have to get your ring back from the well using your fishing rod, it may take a few tries but it’s the least you can go through after lying to the man!

Your next objective is to go to the barn that’s just outside of Taverley, put your ring back on and speak to Bernald. The dialogue options will be: (2) (Charm) But it is the only way that these vines will be cured and (1) I accept the deal.

Use your Plant Cures on one of the diseased grapevines and speak to Bernald and go to the Taverley Tree Patch up north to speak to Alain. Ask him about strong plant cures first and nothing you can suggest second.

After finishing the dialogue go further up north and use your Rune or Pure Essence on the anvil and click on Rune Shards to make Rune Dust out of them. Use this item on your plant cure and interact with the grapevines again before talking to Bernald.

This time you’re bound for Lumbridge, and you’re finally taking the statues with you! Use the Trolley on the southern statue that’s next to the entrance of the castle grounds andchoose these actions:

  • Big push east x1
  • Big push north x 2
  • Big push east to get across the bridge

Once you’re back in Varrock keep pushing the Trolley in this order to avoid any unfortunate mishaps:

  • Big push east x3
  • Big push south x1
  • Push south x1
  • Big push east x1
  • Big push south x2
  • Big push east x
  • Right click the Trolley and choose ‘Place’ on the pedestal

Now to do it all over again, but this time in Falador! Interact with the statue on the intersection and wait for the cutscene where the local guardsmen get murdered to finish. Push the statue to either side to get started and keep using big push to get it all the way through the gate. You’ll do the same order of pushes once you bring it back to Varrockso you’ll have less things to worry about!

Once you get back to the garden in Varrock, rake the patches for the seeds that you have and plant them according to the labels that you see. Each patch will tell you what seed will go there, and don’t worry if you’re missing a few seeds, this is where all of your planting efforts that you’ve done earlier begin to pay off.

Go back to Elstan and tell him that you have some marigolds at the ready to get some Delphinium seeds. Do the same for Lyra and Kragen to get Orchid and Snowdrop seeds, don’t harvest the patches before talking to them!

Finally! All there is left to do is to plant the seeds you just got, here’s where you need to place them:

  • Yellow Orchid Seed  – Right plant pot
  • Pink Orchid Seed – Left plant pot
  • Snowdrop Seed – Bottom right from where the Yellow Orchid Seed was planted
  • Delphinium Seed –  Southwest corner, right next to the White Tree

Everything will take around 15 minutes to grow, not bad given that none of these seeds will die. So once all of them are in full bloom talk to Ellamaria again and go to the southeast corner of the castle to speak to King Roald. Ask him to follow you and charm him twice using option no. 2 to go through one final cutscene.

What happens in that cutscene will be well worth the effort if the nobles ever stirred the dormant revolutionary within you. There’s plenty of rewards to be had for finishing this quest so go try it out for yourself!

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