Sakura Stand: All New Sukuna Moves Guide

Look at all the fancy moves and their damage!

Sakura Stand: All New Sukuna Moves Guide

Sakura Stand has released new updates for Sukuna, as well as the Sandevistan spec, and now, you have range of new abilities to use!

These abilities will make Sukuna better as both a short-range and long-range fighter. In this guide, we will show you all of the moves that you’ll want to know about Sukuna.

All New Sukuna Moves Guide

Your M1 is Curse Combo. This will let you deal 4 consecutive attacks, each dealing 6 damage. The last move will kick your opponents and knock them backward. The combo will deal a total of 24 damage and can be increased further if you have any damage buffs.

Your first ability is Dismantle – Combo (E Skill), which lets you perform a quick attack. After that, you will throw an X-sign ranged attack. This attack will deal normal damage and bleeding damage to your opponent.

This ability is a great way for you to deal damage to your opponents and slowly lower their health from a distance. You can choose to skip the initial attack and go for the ranged attack, which will still be quite useful.

Sakura Stand Dismantle

Your second ability is Head Crusher (R Ability). Upon casting the skill, you will grab the opponent standing next to you. After that, you will teleport both of you into the air. Then, you will slam your opponent onto the ground, dealing high damage.

This is a great ability that you can use to catch your opponent at close range. It can be used as a combo finishing move for you to add some extra damage. Make sure to land the skill, otherwise, it will miss and you will do no damage.

Your third move is Flame Ballista (T Move). This ability lets you create a fireball and launch it towards your opponent. This is the ability with the second-highest damage output in the whole kit. Make sure you land the ability since it will add a lot to your damage.

Your fourth move is Speed Blitz (Y Ability). The player starts dashing forward while using their claws to slash around dealing 6 damage per hit and 57 damage altogether. This is a great ability you can use as a combo extender or finisher.

Your G button lets you do a counterattack. If you have successfully blocked an attack, you will enter an animation, dealing 35 damage to your opponent. After that, you will throw them away from you.

Sakura Stand Counter Attack

Your Q is Reversed Curse Technique – Regeneration. The ability will heal you for 8 health every tick. The total amount of healing you will receive after the ability ends is 108. If you can get to a safe place for a short duration, this is a great healing tool before you get back to fighting.

Sakura Stand heal

Your H Ability is Domain Expansion. During this ability, you will create a Domain. It will start damaging everything in its area during the duration. The ability will deal a total of 240 damage. There is absolutely no way your opponent can avoid the damage unless they leave the area.

That’s all of the new Sukuna Moves changes in Sakura Stand. Overall, these changes have improved Sukuna by a lot! You get to have new abilities that greatly increase your chances of winning in-game battles. With enough practice, no one will ever be able to stop you!

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