Sakura Stand: Direct Counter for Every Stand & Spec Guide

The ultimate counterplay guide for Sakura Stand!

Sakura Stand: Direct Counter for Every Stand & Spec Guide Featured Image

Sakura Stand is a Roblox game heavily inspired by the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series, as well as various other franchises. In the game, there are a ton of fighting styles and stands that players can unlock and utilize against one another.

In this guide, we’ll try to quickly go through the direct counters of each of the obtainable ones. Unobtainable specs and stands will mostly be excluded as a lot of players won’t have access to them anyway.

Direct Counter for Every Stand & Spec Guide

Although most of these are viable in their own way, especially in capable hands, some styles tend to lose more frequently to a specific one.

Sakura Stand Counter

Below, we will be listing each of the currently obtainable stands and specs, as well as what the best counter to them is:

  • Standless – This basic starterspec will likely lose to anything else, but Spin is particularly strong against it.
  • Vampirism Gold Experience, which has self-sustain as well,is a decent counter to this one.
  • Spin Crazy Diamond is a good counter due to its knockback and damage.
  • Hamon Emperor counters this melee-centric spec easily due to its ability to stay in range.
  • Crazy Diamond Gold Experience outclasses this stand due to its superior abilities.
  • Star Platinum – Unawakened Dio can work against this stand, though you must watch out for their anti-time stop.
  • Anubis – This loses to Gold Experience Requiem due to its utility and crowd control abilities.
  • True Anubis – Midknight/VOL can be a good counter against this.
  • Anubis Requiem – Made in Heaven clears this because of its speed.
  • The World – Both Anubis and True Anubis can take down The World.
  • Unawakened DioEternal Wing: Unleashed counters this easily.
  • Emperor – The World can easily close the gap and take down any Emperor user.
  • Gold Experience – For this one, you can make use of either Rainy Time or Winter Time.
  • Gold Experience Requiem – Spin can counter this quite well.
  • Stop Sign – Even Standless can beat this one.
  • One For All and Padoru – Funnily enough, they both counter each other.
  • Summer Time – This is countered by Winter Time.
  • Rainy Time – It loses to Summer Time.
  • Winter Time – This one loses to Rainy Time. (Notice a pattern here?)
  • Toji – Gojo can be a good counter after it was reworked.
  • Geto Suguru Midknight/VOL once again seems like a good counter for it.
  • Sukuna – Ryomen Sukuna directly counters his inferior self.
  • Itadori Yuji – Toji is a good counter for this.
  • Gojo (post-rework) – Deku and Midknight/VOL work well against him.
  • Okkotsu Yuta – Cid Kagenou can outclass this fighting style.
  • Deku – Amusingly, Gojo is the best counter against this despite being countered by it as well.
  • Sandevistan – This new spec loses handily to both Gojo and Cid Kagenou.
  • Herrscher of Human – It is countered by Cross.
  • Cid Kagenou – This one loses to Geto Suguru.
  • Herrscher of Flamescion – Hamon’s hard-hitting moves can beat this spec.
  • Shinra – Deku can outclass Shinra due to its superior mobility.
  • Sakuya The World can easily take this spec down with its superior time stopping capabilities.
  • Whitesnake – Star Platinum is the ideal counter for this one.
  • C-Moon – Anubis can burst down C-Moon quickly.
  • Made in HeavenDeku can outmaneuver this powerful stand.
  • Es el Man del Machete Ranged users such as Emperor and Sakuya can beat it easily.
  • Midknight/VOL Gojo and Deku can throw hands with this style despite countering them as well.
  • Mochi Mochi No Mi – Is hard countered by Bari Bari No Mi’s barriers.
  • Bomu Bomu No Mi – This loses to Mochi Mochi No Mi.
  • Bari Bari No Mi – Nikyu Nikyu No Mi trivializes this spec’s barriers.
  • Nikyu Nikyu No Mi – A Bomu Bomu No Mi user can easily keep this spec at bay.
Sakura Stand Counter Combat Stand Spec

And those are most of the stands and specs that currently exist in Sakura Stand, as well as the best counters for each of them. There will be more new ones and reworks coming in future updates, so things may always change whenever the game gets patched!

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