Sakura Stand: How To Get New Yuta (Rework) & Headhunter Guide + Showcase

Get cut down or get shot down. Which is it?

Sakura Stand is a Roblox fighting game that is based primarily off of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but you can find influences from other popular franchises like Jujutsu Kaisen. The game has recently gotten a mini update that added a couple of things, most notably reworking Yuta’s Domain Expansion and the Headhunter beatdown. But how do you get these awesome new reworks? In this guide, I will show you how to get the new Yuta and Headhunter, as well as show you how they move in the game.

How To Get New Yuta (Rework) & Headhunter Guide + Showcase

Despite Sakura Stand’s original developer leaving the project to work on a different game almost three months ago, we’re lucky enough to see that the game is still receiving updates from a different development team.With that, we have the Yuta rework and the new Headhunter beatdown. But how do you get them?

How To Get Yuta Rework & Headhunter Beatdown

Starting with Yuta, all you really need to do is to reach Mastery 15. You can get to Mastery 15 when you level up every 50 levels, so that can take a while. If you need help with trying to level up fast, you can check out this guide that will show you how to level up quick in Sakura Stand, so you can get to Mastery 15 quicker.

For Headunter, you will need to roll for the skin at the Arcade. There is absolutely no other way to get the new beatdown for Headhunter, as it is only exclusive to the skin. You can get the skin if you roll 60 times, but that will take a while to reach.

Rolling for the Headhunter skin in Sakura Stand.

Yuta Rework Showcase

Now, onto the showcase, starting with Yuta first. Yuta has two movesets due to his skill that allows him to switch modes.

First, we will start with his base moveset:

  • Switch Mode (Q) – Summons Rika and unlocks a new moveset to use.
  • Ray of Light (E) – Lunges forward fast, slicing through the targeted enemy and dealing damage.
  • Butterfly Dance (R) – Twirls forward in a fast manner, targeting the opponent in front of the character and dealing damage.
  • Love is Blinding (T) – In a flash, your character moves too fast to keep up. Eventually, you will appear in front of your targeted enemy and deliver a powerful slash.
  • Black Flash (Y) – Grabs the opponent before slamming them into the ground, imbuing cursed energy to deal damage.
  • Godspeed Reflex (Counter) – Teleports your character in front of the targeted enemy and slashes them.
  • Arc Cut (H) – Slashes upwards and deals damage. It will also leave damage over time due to the bleeding.
Summoning Rika in Sakura Stand.

Rika Showcase

Up next, we now have the moveset for when Rika is summoned:

  • Rika Slash (E) – Rika raises her hand before slashing the opponent in front. Take note that the skill will not activate if the opponent is far away.
  • Raging Smash (R) – Rika spins around in an erratic manner before smashing the ground, dealing damage to anyone who is caught in the AoE attack.
  • Cursed Bubble (T) – Rika moves towards the enemy and traps them in a bubble. This causes the target to stop moving for 5 seconds before Rika returns to you.
  • Copy: Cursed Speech (Y) – Your character pulls out a megaphone and yells “die”, causing anyone who is near to be damaged.
  • Pure Love (G) – Rika covers the player and begins charging an energy beam that blasts towards the direction of the targeted enemy. This, however, cause Rika to retreat for 1 minute.
  • Reverse Curse Technique (H) – When activated, you can heal a targeted enemy.
  • Reverse Curse Technique (Hold H) – When activated, you can heal yourself.
  • Domain Expansion: Loveforged Echo Realm (Z) – Unleashes Yuta’s powerful Domain Expansion.
Rika Slash skill in Sakura Stand.

Headhunter Beatdown Showcase

When you have the skin equipped, your G skill changes to the Tour de Force exclusive animation, only available with the skin. When activated, your character dodges an attack from the enemy, twirling around before aiming their gun at the back of the enemy and pulling the trigger, rendering the enemy unable to move.

Your character disappears for a brief moment before reappearing with a Tour de Force, aiming the gun at the enemy’s head before pulling the trigger at full force.

Tour de Force animation in Sakura Stand.

That’s all you need to know about the brand new Yuta rework and Headhunter beatdown in Sakura Stand. Did this guide help you understand what you need to do in order to get these brand new reworks? Let us know in the comments below.

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