Sakura Stand: How to Get Roland Guide + NPC Location (The Black Silence)

Is this a crossover? Yes, yes it is, indeed.

Sakura Stand is no stranger to adding characters from other anime or manga franchises aside from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but would you have ever expected a reference to Library of Ruina? Well, the latest update of the game added Roland, also known as The Black Silence, and here is a quick guide on how to get him!

How to Get Roland Guide + NPC Location (The Black Silence)

First of all, you have to go to the Dark Alley, which is an enterable instance near the Chxmei NPC. Once inside the Dark Alley, navigate through the maze until you run into Olivier.

If you meet the requirements, which is going to be at least Mastery 6, Olivier will give you a quest to find a black mask. This can be acquired by killing other players. There is a small chance that a random player in the server will have it every 10 minutes.

Sakura Stand player standing beside olivier at the end of the maze

After you have gotten the black mask, you have to return to Olivier while having Standless equipped. If you did it correctly, he will provide you with another item (Perception Blocking Mask) that you need to deliver elsewhere.

You must go to the Unrented Office at Sakurian City, which is marked by a red line on top of the door (this is beside the Library). Inside, you will find a man on the ground. Speak with this NPC and you will get a quest called “In Pursuit of Truth”

Your objectives will be to kill 10 players and deal 500 damage while using Standless. Upon completing this quest, return to the NPC on the ground and you will get an item from him.

Sakura Stand player standing beside the unrented office npc quest giver

Next, you have to head to the Cafe. Just outside, to the right of the entrance, you will find yet another NPC sitting on the ground. He will give you an order of colors. Take note of what this is (we are unsure if this is different for every player).

In addition to that, you will get a quest called “The Librarian’s Errand”, which is quite long and will require a decent amount of grinding.

Sakura Stand player standing beside the cafe quest giver

Completing The Librarian’s Errand

The first part of the quest involves getting various items from different bosses all around the game. These are the following:

  • Deku – 25% chance to drop Zelkova Workshop, Allas Workshop, and Durandal.
  • Jotaro or Dio – 60% chance to drop Old Boys, Atelier Logic, Ranga Workshop, and Crystal Atelier.
  • Toji – 15% chance to drop Wheels Industry and Mook Workshop.

After you have managed to get all of those items, you can do the “Unlock the librarian’s laptop” step, which has less combat involved.

This one involves a bit of RNG. Basically, you need to find six numbers all around the map, which will have different colors depending on the sequence that the NPC gave you.

The following are the possible locations for the numbers (take note of them and their colors):

  • Hall of Heroes – To the left, on one of the pillars near the starting point of the Holy Grail war.
  • Ruined City (Deku Boss Arena) – Upon entering the Ruined City, immediately turn to your left and the number will be beside the tunnel you came from.
  • Tallest Peak – Upon reaching the Tallest Peak, turn to the left and it will be beside the tunnel you came in from.
  • Hueco Mundo – Upon entering this realm, run straight forward until you hit a wall.The number will be on one corner of this giant wall.
  • Geto NPC – Near the Suguru Geto NPC, you will see the number right behind the chain link fence that he is leaning on.
  • Inside the Library – Upon entering the Library, the number will be on the wall to the left.
Sakura Stand player standing beside one of the possible number spawns

Now that you have all of the numbers and the correct order, head to the library and borrow the following books based on your color sequence:

  • How to Make Friends – Red Number
  • Who is Midknight – Green Number
  • Gemstone Encyclopedia – Orange Number
  • History of Halloween – White Number
  • Knight of Nights – Blue Number
  • Is Auddy the Owner of Sakura Stand? – Purple Number

So, for example, if the number 1 was Red, then the first book you must borrow is “How to Make Friends”. If number 6 was White, then the last book you have to borrow is “History of Halloween”.

If you are still confused, below is a more specific example for a whole code. Again, this is just an example, the colors of each number are supposedly different for every player:

  • Blue #1 – Borrow the Knight of Nights book first.
  • Orange #2 – Borrow the Gemstone Encyclopedia second.
  • White #3 – Borrow the History of Halloween third.
  • Red #4 – Borrow How to Make Friends fourth.
  • Green #5 – Borrow Who is Midknight fifth.
  • Purple #6 – Borrow Is Auddy the Owner of Sakura Stand? last.

Once you have borrowed the correct books in the right order, walk to the laptop on the other side of the room. With the correct code inputted, you can now unlock the laptop and get The Black Silence spec.

Sakura Stand player solving the laptop puzzle, which is highlighted

And that is everything you need to know in order to finish the somewhat complex and time-consuming quest to unlock the new Black Silence spec in the game. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on how to get Ichigo in Sakura Stand as well!


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