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Welcome to the stone age!

Sapien is a Roblox game that is currently in early access. Players control the Homo Erectus species as they look for resources to survive and build shelter. There are frequent content updates and bug fixes to the game by the developers to keep the game fresh.

Many beginners starting the game are confused about the overall mechanics and what to do in general. This guide will serve as a complete beginner’s guide for such players to get started.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

This guide will be divided into different parts, so that we can focus on all the aspects of the game.

Starting the Game

Once you load into the game, press the Play button, and this will direct you to the Gender Selection screen. Choosing the gender does not have any effect on gameplay since the mechanics are the same regardless of which gender you select.

After confirming your gender, the game will spawn you on a tree in a thick and dense jungle. Simply jump down from the tree to begin your adventure in the wilderness.

Selecting gender

General UI

On your screen, you should have a few important things that you can see. The first are the controls for the game, which should be visible on the left side of the screen. Make sure that you refer to them from time to time if you don’t know how to do something.

At the bottom right corner, you should have your Brain Power, Hunger, Stamina, and Thirst bar that indicate the overall status of your character. Make sure that you pay special attention to them since these will help to keep you alive.

User Interface

Brain Power

Brain Power is really important since it describes the intelligence of your character. To increase it, you will have to consume different foods. We recommend eating these Purple Berries that are found in bushes, as shown in the image below.

Eating berries

However, you should not be using these as your main source of nourishment since there will be better options. Additionally, you can only consume a piece of food three times before it stops increasing your character’s Brain Power.

Another good consumable that you can get early on is Honey. This can be obtained from Beehives using a stem. To get a stem, you will need to interact with plants such as the one shown in the image below.

How to get stem

Doing this will provide your character with a stem in your inventory. There are only six inventory slots, so make sure that you use them wisely. Once you have found a Beehive simply use your stem to hit it repeatedly. This will cause the bees to sting you, but it won’t cause that much damage.

Collecting honey

After hitting the Beehive, you should notice honey on the stem, as shown in the image above. Simply collect it and consume it. This will provide you with a significant amount of Brain Power, so repeat this until your Brain Power cannot increase anymore.

Snails are also a good source of nutrition. They can be found on rocks in Swampy Areas, so make sure to look for them when you visit such places.


Making sure that your character is hydrated is also important in this game. To replenish your Thirst meter, simply press the F key while in a stream. This will result in your character crouching down and drinking the water.

Drinking water

Motor Skills

Once your Brain Power crosses the threshold, you will be able to craft Motor Items. These are essentially advanced tools that you can use to protect yourself or obtain resources.

The crafting menu is shown in the image below. The Stomach section is unlocked by default, so you can go through it as well.

Crafting menu

All the crafting requirements are stated below for each tool and weapon. In our case, we will be crafting a Spear, which will require a Stick and two Rocks. Rocks can be found in patches such as the one in the image below. Simply interact with them to get the rock in your inventory.

Collecting rocks

Branches, on the other hand, can be obtained from these plants, as shown in the image below. They will always have this withered appearance, and if you have already collected from them, they will have fewer sticks visible.

Collecting Sticks

After collecting the required items, simply open the Crafting Menu and select the Stick option. This will result in your character performing a ritual. It is important to do this in a safe place since, in this animation, your character will have limited movement and will be susceptible to attacks from enemies.


Once you have crafted the stick, open your inventory once again and select the Spear option. This will require a Stick and a Rock to craft. It will take longer to craft as compared to the Stick, so make sure that there are no enemies around.

The Spear is a decent weapon that you can use for defending yourself. Additionally, you can upgrade it to the Stone Spear or the more powerful Sabretooth Spear.


Now that you have the Spear crafted, you can try catching Fish in the game. This is a very good food source that will help to increase your character’s Brain Power.

You can find fish in streams such as the one shown in the image below. They usually tend to huddle around small rock formations as shown in the image.

Catching fish

To catch fish, simply press the C button to Crouch and use your spear to stab the fishes in the water. This will require a couple of tries since you will not be guaranteed to catch a fish every single time. When a fish is caught, you can take it off your spear in a similar way that you did with Honey.

Fish is one of the best food sources in the game since these spots never run out of fish. This means that you can farm fish indefinitely without having to worry about them running out.

Hunting Quaggas

Another useful food source is Meat which can be obtained by hunting Quaggas. Beside the meat, they also drop a piece of Hide, which can be used as clothing/armor. Lastly, they drop a Bone which can be used as a weapon, but it doesn’t deal that much damage.

Hunting Quagga

The only disadvantage is that hunting Quaggas is a very time-consuming process since they will run once attacked. Hence the best strategy is to simply jump up on them and hit them as you are riding them. This will still take a fair bit of time, so be prepared.

Meat is a very excellent food source that will not only increase your Nutrient Bar but also increase your character’s Brain Power substantially. Moreover, the Hide can be equipped to provide your character with an additional 20 Health.

We hope that you found this beginner’s guide to Sapien helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for future articles.

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