Sea Of Thieves: The Quest for Guybrush Tall Tale Guide | All Commendations

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Sea of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale full quest
Sea of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale full quest

The Guybrush Tall Tale is one of the best stories in Sea of Thieves and we’re going to show all the commendations you can get here. In this quest, you’re going to have to work to bring Guybrush back to reality by finishing a series of trials.

This is also a solo tall tale where no other players will interrupt you for maximum experience!

The Quest for Guybrush Tall Tale (All Commendations)

The story continues in Guybrush Tall Tale as we try to free Guybrush who’s been imprisoned in a trance. The quest begins by meeting Kate at Capsize Charters at any Outpost and interacting with the Sail to Quest book.

You’ll start talking to the Pirate Lord and then a portal leading to the Sea of the Damned. As you sail through the Archway, Le Chuck will appear and offer the most typical villainous temptation to join him.

Return to the Melee Island (Gainful Unemployment Commendation)

As the sail continues, you’ll reach Melee Island where you can dock. Your first destination here is the Scumm Bar. Enter the bar and head straight to the backside of the bar to the kitchen.

Talk to the chef who will promptly announce that you’re fired, unlocking the Gainful Unemployment Commendation.

Remove Mist from Melee Island (Clearing the Air Commendation)

Time to head to Corina’s at the Low Street inside the International House of Mojo. After a series of dialogue, you’ll learn that you need to bring her emblems of true pirate courage by passing the legendary Three Trials.

You can start these trials by talking to the pirates back at the Scumm Bar. After talking to them, you’ll learn that the mist has to be dispelled first before you can start the trials. And she’ll grant the greenlight to start the material-gathering for the potion to remove the mist.

You will need the mighty pirate sword, a rubber chicken, and the treasure map.

The first item you can get easy is the treasure map. Do this by talking to the Citizen of Melee hanging out next to the International House of Mojo. Then tell him “My coin pouch is empty. Could I trade for your map?” The deal is to steal from the general’s mansion something in return of the chart.

On your way there, visit the General Store to your left past the arch. The Storekeeper inside has the mighty pirate sword and the rubber chicken you need.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Talk to the Storekeeper and similarly, tell him “I’m low on funds. Do you offer credit?”

He says yes, but only if you can get it signed by someone like the Governor. The Credit Note is now in your Quest Radial and you can continue on your way to the Governor’s mansion.

Inspect each shelf on the first floor of the mansion with a total of 12 books to check. Check each of them until you can find “The Time I Blew Up LeChuck” book. When you pull that out, you’ll find the Guybrush’s Signed Sea Chart, the item the citizen wanted.

Go to the second floor and pickpocket Guybrush to get the Storage Chest Key. The chest is right beside the door, behind you. Get the Captain’s Inkwell and place it on the desk. Also place the Writing Quill from the first floor’s table in front of the portrait on the desk.

Take out your blank Credit Note on the desk and interact to Forge a Signed Credit Note. Bring this to the Storekeeper and he’ll let you buy anything, so get your mighty sword and and rubber chicken.

Then head back to the citizen to trade off the signed chart for the treasure map. With all three items in your hand, head to Corina and she’ll make the potion to remove the mist. Get the Mojo Potion and reach the top of the Lookout Point and pour it into the campfire.

You now have a clear view of the island and get the Clearing the Air Commendation.

Trial of Treasure-Huntery (Trial of Treasure-Huntery Commendation)

The smoke is followed by candles lighting up green, leading you to the southeast cliff to show you the island. To your right is a winding path down that leads to a zipline. Take that zip and then flick the lever behind you to bring down the Troll Toll bridge.

Cross the bridge and to your left is a part of Elaine’s journal on the broken cartwheel. To its left is the barrel that you can sit on to get the Memoir Spot.

Stay on the path until you see a makeshift platform made of wood to the side of the cliff. Climb up the stairs until you see some barrels and bottles cluttered in the corner with another one of Elaine’s journal.

Go back to the same path and follow it until you end up with the forest to the right. You know you’re in the right place when you see an apparation near the entrance. Now we begin the Trial of Treasure-Huntery.

Equip your quest book before you enter the forest. Follow the apparation of Guybrush. On the first junction, turn right and follow the dirt path until you saw this gap connected by a log. Cross that and you’ll see another apparation of Guybrush.

Turn your left and keep going until you see a former campsite and his apparation again. Keep going until you end up at another gap to cross. After crossing, keep moving foward until you see a patch of yellow flowers. Past that, follow the ghost then head left to the area with the torch.

You’ll see his apparation digging the dirt. So follow him and dig up the same spot to get the Directions of Legendary Treasure-Huntery.

Now if you head back to the dirt path, follow it to the end where you will find another of Elaine’s journal.

After the journal, jump into the waters in front of you. Swim along the river to the right until the end. Walk back to the surface and go left. On the first junction, take left again and you’ll end up in an open area with this shelter.

Take the right from the shelter and go all the way to the lamp. From the lamp, to the right until you see the broken scarecrow on the floor. If you do, that means you’re on the right way, keep going.

After a broken cartwheel, you’ll see two dead trees. Take the path down and at the tent, dig up another treasure chest.

You get another one of the Directions of Legendary Treasure-Huntery. The hunt continues with you heading back up, past the dead trees to the left. Walk along this path all the way to a small bridge and keep walking.

Enjoy the view as you keep running along the shore until you see a tree with a lantern. Stay on the path to the right for a long run to another campfire remain to your left. Not far is going to be the next dig spot right here.

Dig it up for another Directions of Legendary Treasure-Huntery. Now, run past the lamp post as the direction shows all the way to a set of lights with a zipline. Ride that to reach the other side where there’s a house and a wisteria tree.

Down by the port are several anchored ships and wrecks. By Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels is another Memoir Spot and Elaine’s journal.

Keep running past them and you’re back to the bridge which lever you’ve lowered. Past the bridge, to the right is a narrow pathway you can barely spot thanks to the torch. At the base of the torch is the final dig for The Trophy of Legendary Treasure-Huntery.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Corina appears and asks for the trophy as the ingredient after you dig out. After you give it to her, you’ll get the Trial of Treasure-Huntery Commendation.

Trial of Thievery (The Beast Whisperer & Trial of Thievery Commendations)

Don’t forget to go back and talk to Stan and then ask him about all four vessels to hear about his pitch. Afterwards, talk to him and choose “I’ve seen all your ships. What’s the cheapest?”

He’ll explain to you about the prices and then you can ask him “Who purchased the Headless Monkey?” He’ll tell you it’s by Hookmeat at Hook Island. So, keep taking the way back until you end up at this location here with a big sign and a zipline.

The rock is another Memoir Spot. Then take the zipline and head into the building. Meathook will be inside to greet you. Tell him “I’m here about the Headless Monkey.” He’ll tell you that he needs The Beast back home then he’ll give you the Headless Monkey.

Start by removing 5 Cutlasses on the cage next to him. Then head out and on the side of the house, you’ll find some Wooden planks. Use the Wooden planks to repair the cage. Then you have to repair the lever as well because you have to do everything.

Leave the house and go into the forest. It should be a short walk to a unique, rare Mop Tree. Break off a Mop Tree Stick and bring it back to to the level to fix it. You also need some concentrated banana grease after that.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Find them in one of the four possible spawn locations for the concentrated banana grease: in the cupboard inside the small room behind him, the two boxes on two corners of the house behind you, and the chest upstairs. Give it to him.

Next, you need to find a shanty. Go upstairs to his bed, and move Meathook’s Pillow to find the ‘Summon the Beast’ shanty. Leave the house, go into the forest again and climb the mountain, past several dead trees. Play the song for The Beast until it comes down.

Bravely pick up The Beast and then pet him several times until you get The Beast Whisperer Commendation. Go back to Meathook’s house and put it back into the cage. Don’t forget to get another Memoir Spot on the yellow barrel next to the door.

Go back to Stan’s and tell him “I have the Headless Monkey’s Bill of Sale.” And he’ll confirm that you now have the ship. Keep talking to Stan to take up on his offer of extra features like firepower and finally, the high-quality furnishing.

Ask him if he can fit inside the cupboard by asking “Is it big enough to play hide and seek?” and he’ll go inside to prove it.

Keep interacting with the cupboard until you push him into the waters eventually. Watch Stan float away if you wish.

Then get Stan’s Office Key from the board next to the house and enter his office. Pick up his sales ledger and flip it to the last page. On the corner of the page, there should be the password to the safe behind him. Use this to unlock the safe behind him to get the Idols o’ Many Hands.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Corina will appear outside of the office and tell you that this is a material for the potion. Giving her the idol will give you the Trial of Thievery Commendation.

Fettucini Circus Routine (Spectacular Superstar and Melee Island Spectacular Commendations)

From Stan’s, head into the forest and past the cliffside structure all the way to this rock before the circus. This is the next Memoir Spot where you can take a seat. Then keep going into the tent where you’ll see another one of Guybrush’s apparation.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

You’ll see the Fettucini brothers, Bill and Alfredo, arguing. Talk to Alfredo first about their a routine you can finish for a reward. Talk to Bill and ask “Why do I need costume?”

Then grab said costume on the blue wooden platform on the left side of the tent. Then go to the Clothing Chest near the brothers to wear the costume.

To prep for the routine, align the cannon so it shoots you past the rings. You can test this first before starting the trial as this is the final part of the routine. You can ring the bell next to the brothers to start the routine and redo it as many time as needed.

Start by climbing the ladder and then crossing and jumping on the tight rope to ring the second bell. Jump to the platform next to you, and then another jump to the third bell, then to the zipline and ride it to the cannon. Shoot yourself with the cannon across the fiery rings to finish the routine.

If you did it fast enough, you’ll get the Spectacular Superstar Commendation. Check the leaderboard next to the brothers to figure out how fast you need to be.

Keep talking to the brothers until they spit out the 404 Pieces O’ Eight. You’ll also get the Melee Island Spectacular Commendation.

If you miss these, you won’t be able to get all of Sea of Thieves commendations in Guybrush Tall Tale.

Next to the cannon is another Memoir Spot on the red barrel next to an inkwell.

Trial of the Sword (Yo-ho-ho, and…, Trial of the Sword Commendations)

With the pieces o’ eight, get a grog from the vending machine next to Stan’s Office. Drinking it will give you the Yo-ho-ho, and… Commendation.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Continue south up the hill until you see the house of Captain Smirk right before the zipline. Find the rock across the house to take in the view and get another Memoir Spot.

Finally, make your way into the house with the mighty sword equipped. Knock on the door and tell the Cap’n that you can pay for the training. He’ll open the door and you have to present the mighty sword, drawn, to be allowed in.

Pay Smirk to Begin Training once you’re in and learn some of the best one-liners from the game. While trading blows with the enemy, you have to find timings to give the right retort to the insults you receive. The right answer will stun them, the wrong answer will stun yourself.

He’ll teach you how to get the right retort and launch insult in a swordfight. You will learn some pairings here and later, learn more by taking up more fights, a total of 10. He’ll show you where else you can fight.

Don’t miss the Memoir Spot in the corner of his house, on the cage next to the inkwell.

Head back out and ride the zipline. Just beyond the lamp post, a talking skull will appear. Murray is here to set up some pirates you can learn sailor-y insults from and the lamp post will turn green.

You will win some and lose some. These fights are just for you to explore all the insults and retorts pairings. Keep using new ones so you learn them quicker. After you finish all the fights and learn everything, you’re ready to face the Sword Master, Ribbsy.

Here’s your cheat sheet:

To find Ribbsy, you must go back to the grove of yellow flowers where you did the first trial. From the flowers, go right and you’ll find the broken bridge. There’s a secret switch behind the log sign next to it. Interact with it and the logs will create a bridge again.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Keep going and you’ll have to fight Ribbsy. You are only allowed to retort, not insulting. So make sure to match his insults with what you’ve learned as they’re just slightly different.

After you beat Ribbsy, you will get Carla’s Medallion. Corina will appear before you, telling you that it’s another great crafting ingredient. Give that to her and get Trial of the Sword Commendation.

Final Memoir Spot and Elaine’s Journal (Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. II and Escape From Melee Island Commendations)

Past the bridge from the house near Ribbsy’s is a bench on top of a stack of rocks. Sit on the spot next to the inkwell for the final Memoir Spot. You should also get the Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. II Commendation if you haven’t missed any of them.

As you leave the forest, turn right and when you see a lamp post, go left. Right behind the mansion beneath a tall tree will be another one of Elaine’s journal on the rock. Reading the final journal will give you the Escape From Melee Island Commendation.

Sea Of Thieves Guybrush Tall Tale All Commendations

Guybrush Tall Tale Conclusion with All Commendations

Now, we’re ready to get the potion to wake Guybrush up. Fetch the potion from Corina’s at Low Street and then give Guybrush the potion. It’ll release him from the spell and all three of you will talk about what to do next.

Before leaving, make sure to check that you have all the commendations. Then sail back through the same portal you came here with. Upon leaving this place, you’ll get the Legendary Trial Master Commendation.

And that’s all the commendations from the new Guybrush Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves!

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