Seas Battleground: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Starter)

Jump into a new game with these tips and tricks!

Seas Battleground Complete Beginners Guide Starter

Trying out a new game can be daunting for some people since you’ll need to learn a lot of new things. From learning how the game works, to getting used to abilities and skills, as well as different mechanics. In Seas Battleground, there are a lot of different things you can do in this fighting game. And that means that the game can be a bit too much for a new player.

In this guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks to get you started in the game. We’ll also show you some of the mechanics you’ll need to know when playing. Now, let’s see what this game can offer!

Complete Beginner’s Guide (Starter)

Before you jump into the game, you’ll want to know that Sea Battlegrounds is mainly a fighting game. That means a lot of your enemies will be dashing around the place and doing flashy moves.

So, you’ll want to set your Shift Lock Switch to ON in the Roblox Settings to make things easier.

This option will make it so you can move the camera easily with your mouse without any additional input. Now that we have that, we can continue with the basics of the game.

Seas Battleground Shift Lock Switch


Since this is a fighting game, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with movement. You can dash around in the game, but most players don’t know that you can dash sideways. Not only that, but dashing sideways lets you dash twice, which is great for dodging attacks.

When fighting an enemy, don’t just dash forward and backward since that’s too obvious. Mix in some side dishes to keep the enemy on their toes.

Seas Battleground Dashing

When you’re fighting, you’ll inevitably get hit. When you do, certain moves will knock you back and make your character ragdoll around the place.

To quickly get out of that position, you can do a dash. You can do that to dodge more attacks coming your way.

Seas Battleground Ragdoll

Attacks & Combos

Speaking of attacks, you can do so with your M1 mouse button. There’s the basic combo that you can do which is just a series of punches or kicks. The 4th hit of the combo though will always be a knockback that ragdolls the enemy.

This sounds good on paper, but if you want to do some combos with other abilities in the game, it might become a detriment. As you can see below, after the target’s has been knocked back it was not too far for the ability.

Seas Battleground Ability

If you want to do a proper combo, it’s best to use your abilities after the 3rd hit of the M1 combo. You can also substitute the 4th hit with an uppercut or a down slam to keep them in place for an ability combo.

Seas Battleground Combo

Ultimate Mode

When you’re fighting in the game, you can see that a blue bar is slowly filling up at the bottom of the screen below your health. This is the Ultimate Mode Meter, and you gain more progress the more hits you do.

When it’s filled, you can activate your Ultimate Mode, and when that’s activated, the bar will slowly drain.

Seas Battleground Ultimate Meter

Activating the Ultimate Mode will give you new abilities, as well as a 4th one that ends with a flashy cutscene.

Take note that when you do the 4th move the Ultimate Meter will still drain while you’re doing it, so it’s best to use the move at the very end.

NOTE: When you activate the Ultimate Mode, you’ll regain all of your health back. To maximize the use, you’ll want to activate it when you have low health.

Some of the ultimate moves aren’t as clear as the others. For Sanji’s ultimate move, it’s a straightforward attack but for Luffy’s one it’s a bit different. When you activate the move, you’ll need someone to kill you for it to activate, so try it out!

Seas Battleground Ultimate Move

With those tips, you can now start playing Seas Battleground. Now, go out there and try the game out yourself!

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