Second Piece: How To Get Elisabeth & Showcase

Time to make it rain blood!

Elisabeth, the Blood Queen from The Eminence in Shadow, is ready to showcase her power in Second Piece… and if you fulfill her requests, you can get her fighting style for yourself!

You can fight Elisabeth as a new boss. If you defeat her, you might get her weapon, which you can then use to get her powerful blood-based fighting style. It’s strong and extremely edgy, as you might expect.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get Elizabeth’s fighting powers for yourself.

How To Get Elisabeth Fighting Style

Second Piece: How To Get Elisabeth & Showcase

The first step of obtaining the Elisabeth fighting style is to reach Level 8500. This will be a prerequisite for every part of the process!

As we detailed in our beginner’s guide for the game, the best way to level up is to complete progression quests.

Cid Boss enemy

Once you reach Level 8500, you’ll need to start hunting down the Cid boss enemy. Cid spawns randomly every 10 minutes, so you’ll need a bit of patience.

Nonetheless, he seems to only spawn in Frost Isle, Shell Town, or Autumnal Archipelago. All of these islands are within the First Sea region, thankfully!

Keep checking them all every 10 minutes until you find Cid, then fight and defeat him.

Cid Boss enemy drops

Your main reason for defeating Cid is that he can drop Gems and Blood Gems, which you need to summon the Elisabeth boss.

Autumnal Archipelago's Furnace

Alternatively, he might drop Shadow Fragments, Shadow Hearts, and Queen’s Blood. All of them can be used to craft Blood Gems yourself by using the Furnace on Autumnal Archipelago.

Using the Furnace to make Blood Gems

Considering the extremely low drop rates of premade Blood Gems, you’ll most likely need to use the Furnace.

Aqua NPC

Once you’ve obtained at least 7500 Gems and 1 Blood Gem, go visit the Aqua NPC over in Niflheim Island.

Select the Blood Gem from your inventory and talk to Aqua to make Elisabeth spawn in the boss arena.

Elisabeth boss

Now, you simply need to defeat Elisabeth and pray that you’re lucky enough to get the Blood Scythe weapon. It has a 1% drop chance currently, so it’s very rare!

Blood Scythe drop

Once you manage to get the Blood Scythe, you can speak with Elisabeth herself to unlock its full potential.

Elisabeth’s Quest | Awaken the Blood Scythe

Forgotten Isle location

Now that you have the Blood Scythe, you’ll need to open your inventory and equip it. Then, travel to the Forgotten Isle in the First Sea.

It’s a tiny isle with a stone circle in the middle, so it’s pretty easy to spot from afar.

Elisabeth NPC

Then, find the Elisabeth NPC atop one of the isle’s hills and speak with her. She’ll take the Blood Scythe away and tell you that you’re “not ready for this power.”

Elisabeth asks for the player to defeat Shadow users

However, she’ll give it back and fully unlock its power if you complete a small quest for her: defeat 5 Shadow users.

By Shadow users, she means other players who use the Cid’s Sword or Shadow’s Slime Sword fighting styles.

Engaging in PvP with a Shadow user

Do note, that this only counts other players! NPCs do not count toward the quest. As such, you’ll need to engage in PvP to fulfill her request. However, you can use any fighting style you want to defeat them.

Also, it seems that you don’t need to defeat 5 different players. If you have a Shadow friend who’s willing to help you out by letting you beat them 5 times for the quest, you can do so!

The Elisabeth fighting style in the hotbar after the quest

Once you’ve defeated enough Shadow users, return to Elisabeth on the Forgotten Isle. Speak with her and she’ll give you the Elisabeth Spec fighting style.

You can now utilize the Blood Scythe to its full potential! Let’s take a look at its moveset, shall we?

Elisabeth Fighting Style Showcase | All Abilities

Elisabeth Fighting Style Showcase - Z Move

Z (Scythe Pirouette) – Your character throws the Blood Scythe. Once the Blood Scythe hits something, it will surround a wide area around itself with a storm of bloody slashes.

Elisabeth Fighting Style Showcase - X Move

X (Crimson Explosion) – Makes your character float and summon a large pool of blood which explodes after a short moment. Very quick and with a nice range, but not too strong.

Elisabeth Fighting Style Showcase - C Move

C (Blood Arrows) – A ranged attack, summons large blood arrows to hit enemies from a distance. Range isn’t too far, but it’s decent for keeping foes away.

Elisabeth Fighting Style Showcase - V Move

V (Sanguine Downpour) – Your character floats and summons a gigantic blood orb above themselves. The orb then shoots exploding blood beams toward the nearest enemy.

All in all, a very strong moveset with powerful Area of Effect abilities and good range. Aesthetically, it’s also a perfect fit for anyone wanting a particularly edgy playstyle!


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