Secret God Dustdust Character & Gojo Guide + Showcase in Undertale: Final Showdown Roblox

Incredibly strong Developer Exclusive characters with powerful attacks!

Secret God Dustdust Character & Gojo Guide + Showcase in Undertale: Final Showdown Roblox

Undertale: Final Showdown is a Sans vs. Chara experience with dazzling effects and gameplay where you can select multiple characters to fight. The game is always adding new characters to make the game more diverse and add more variety to the game. In this guide, we will show you a showcase of the two new characters, which are the Secret God Dustdust & Gojo characters.

Secret God Dustdust Character & Gojo Guide + Showcase

The Secret God Dustdust Character & Gojo are strong characters with powerful skills that can one-shot opponents. The God Dustdust has 12 different skills that you can use and Gojo has a unique skill that can stun enemies for a long duration.

The God Dustdust & Gojo are characters that are Developer/Tester exclusive, meaning that they are not in the game yet. However, in the future, we may see the characters in the game if they are getting balanced are receiving future reworks..

Secret God Dustdust Showcase

The Secret God Dustdust character is packed with a lot of moves, with 20 Dodges and 1000 HP.

  • Bonezone: This skill creates an area with bone spikes that deal damage to enemies.
  • Giant Blaster: A beam will shoot from the sky, dealing damage to enemies in front.
  • Telekinesis: A teleportation skill that lets you teleport to your cursor.
  • Counter: Blocks incoming damage.
  • Flamezone: Creates an area on the ground. This area will shoot up fireballs that deal damage to enemies that get hit.
  • Slashes: Fires three red slashes in the direction of your mouse cursor.
  • Horror Rush: Dashes in the direction you are facing, dealing damage to anything that gets in the way.
  • Bonewave: Shoots a wave of bones that slowly moves forward, knocking up enemies and dealing damage.
  • Orange Soul: Enhances your damage.
  • Random Blasters: Spawns three skulls that fire beams in random directions.
  • Shortcut: Creates a small explosion in front of you.
  • Blue Soul: Another damage enhancement ability.

The God Dustdust character is incredibly unique with up to 12 different moves that you can use. However, he has no custom/new moves. Everything he has is all abilities of other existing characters in the game.

Secret God Dustdust Character Bonezone

After using 20 dodges he will transform and enter the second phase. During this form, he will gain enhanced abilities:

  • Spear Hell: Shoots out three spears in your cursor’s direction.
  • Brave Shield: Surround yourself with projectiles that deal damage to anything that gets too close to you.
  • Flamethrower: Shoots out flame waves in a cone area in front of you. You can change the direction of the flamethrower.
  • Ultimate Skill: Spawns 3 Skulls that shoot at an enemy. The damage of the skill is so high that you can one-shot them.
Secret God Dustdust Character Ultimate

Gojo Showcase

Gojo is also another Tester exclusive character with 6 different abilities that you can use.

  • Cursed Technique Lapse – Blue: Shoots a blue projectile that pulls the enemy a far distance backward. The skill deals no damage but provides great crowd-control effects.
  • Cursed Technique Lapse – Red: Charges up for a short duration before unleashing an explosion. This explosion will damage and knock enemies backward a far distance.
  • Infinity!!!: You will project yourself with blue particles and become invincible. The barrier can be broken by being attacked. If it is not broken, it will expire after a short while.
  • Reversed Cursed Techniques: If you get hit after activating the skill, you will heal instead of receiving damage.
  • Domain Expansion: Infinite Void: Puts you and your enemy in another different realm. In this realm, you can attack your enemies as much as you want. The enemy will not be able to attack, use abilities, or even move. This effect will only last a few seconds.
  • If you cast Domain Expansion while Low On Health, it will become a special version. This is the desperate version where you will stun enemies and monsters for up to 3 minutes.
  • Imaginary Technique – Hollow Purple: After casting, you will create a blue and purple orb. Then, you will merge them to shoot a powerful purple beam at an enemy.
Secret God Gojo Hollow Purple

Those are the two new exclusive characters in Roblox Undertale: Final Showdown! For now, they are too strong to be added to the game. However, since they are already working on it, we may be able to see them playable in the future.

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