Secret Staycation: How To Get Detective Egg

The Egg Detective is on the case! No foods will be able to hide!

Secret Staycation: How To Get Detective Egg

Secret Staycation is a game where you’ll be finding different foods in the house. After collecting the food, you’ll be able to obtain the morph and turn it into different kinds of food. The game is always adding new foods into the game, allowing you to transform into many different items.

In the newest update, the game has added the new hide-and-seek mode along with the Detective Egg. Upon completing the challenges, you will be able to get the Egg. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Detective Egg in Roblox Secret Staycation.

How To Get Detective Egg

To get the Detective Egg Skin, you must obtain 1000 points in the new hide-and-seek mode. You can earn points by surviving as a hider and finding other foods as the seeker.

Upon reaching 200, 500, and 1000 points, you will be able to obtain a unique morph. The last 1000 points milestone is where you’ll be able to obtain the Detective Egg.

Secret Staycation Milestones

As A Hider

When you first start the game as a Hider, you will have some time to hide before the Detective Egg awakes. It is recommended that you play as flat foods to survive more easily.

This is because the Detective Egg is round, meaning that the player cannot go inside smaller corners. For example, you can use the Candy Cane to get in between the ATM Machine and the wall.

Secret Staycation Hider Tips ATM Machine

There are many other tight corners that you can go inside as small foods. Being small allows you to get into areas that the Detective Egg cannot. Small foods can also be harder for the seeker to track so it is also another advantage for being one.

Secret Staycation Sugar Cane

As A Seeker

If you are chosen as the Seeker, which is the Detective Egg, you will be using this morph for the whole game. Your main goal is to find as many Hiders as you possibly can.

Since you can be bigger than certain foods, it is best that you avoid trying to find people in tight corners. Investing your time searching for people in areas you can access easily is the best way for you to find as many people as you can.

Secret Staycation Seeker Tips

You’ll want to keep playing until you eventually receive the Detective Egg! You can apply the tips that we’ve shown you to hide more effectively and seek more people. Each match is going to be different, meaning that there are also many factors that you should take into consideration.

If you’re looking to become the smaller foods for hiding, consider taking a look at this All Food Locations Guide. There are many different foods you can choose from that are great options for hiding!


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