Secret Staycation: How To Get Mameo Location

It gets weirder…

The Secret Staycation received a huge toilet update that added a whole new region to the game! At first, this new update might seem like a small change in the game, but that is certainly not the case. One of the newest food types you can find in this new region is Mameo. Which is a cute little bean who lives with his other bean family members in the new Edamame Mansion.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about how to reach the Edamame Mansion and how to get Mameo Location in Secret Staycation. One thing to know before we begin, this one has a different obtainment method that might be a little weird and actually pretty sad… Do not say we did not warn you!

How To Get Mameo Location

First things first, you will start the game on the kitchen countertop as always. Choose a fruit or vegetable or any kind of food you want to play as from your collection, but we do not recommend you to use a big fruit like watermelon or coconut, no need for that. We are going to use the dragon fruit in this guide.

Choosing the dragon fruit as the character for finding the Mameo location in Secret Staycation.

Once you are set and ready to go, jump down and turn right to leave the living room. Go all the way to the end of the corridor there, and go through the door on your left to reach the toilet.

You are going to see a yellow toy step ladder next to the toilet. Which is actually the location of one of the other new food additions in the game. Make sure to take a look at our How To Get Melon Location guide to learn more about that.

Heading to the Mameo location in Secret Staycation.

Climb the yellow toy step ladder and get on the plank that connects the stairs and the shelf on the left. When you are in the middle, jump right into the toilet. Yes, you read it right, you will flush yourself down. Just trust us.

Flushing down the toilet to find Mameo location in Secret Staycation.

The only way to reach the new Edamame Mansion is through this toilet. Are we going to make a comment about how weird it sounds? No. But we are certainly thinking about it too…

Getting to the Edamame Mansion in Secret Staycation.

Now, you will see a loading screen that will get you ready to reach the Edamame Mansion. Once you are there, you will see three little beans sleeping on their fruit themed little beds on the corridor. How cute, right? They are sleeping safe and sound.

Little do they know that they are not safe anymore because you have just arrived. In a minute, you will basically kidnap one of these cute little beans.

Sleeping baby beans in Secret Staycation.

There are three beans there and their names are Mameo, Mameko and Mamesuke. But the one we are looking for is Mameo, and he is sleeping in the watermelon bed. However, you need to take all of the children to get Mameo. So it does not matter which one you take first.

When you get closer to one of the beans, there is going to be an option for you to put a rope to take them.

Taking baby beans with a rope in Secret Staycation.

Once you put the rope, you will be able to bring Mameo with you. Take him and walk straight ahead. You are going to see their mother Edamame, looking at you with tears in her eyes… Obviously, she is not happy with you taking her precious child.

After the small cutscene that shows the mother Edamame crying and screaming for her children, three hearts will appear on top of your head. Make sure to always check your hearts. Remember that you will need to restart all over again if you lose all of them.

Mother Edamame crying in Secret Staycation.

Mother Edamame will try to run towards you to take back her little bean. But since she is a one big bean, she is not going to be able to run so fast. Indeed, she will fall down to the floor if she misses you.

Once she is on the ground, get closer to her. Then, you will give her little baby bean back to her. Come on, of course we were only joking about the kidnapping!

SIDE NOTE: If you need help collecting other of the many food types available in the game, check out our guide on all food locations.

Mameo location in Secret Staycation.

After giving the first baby bean to mother Edamame, you are going to go and get the other ones as well. Just like you did before, get closer to their beds and put a rope around them.

Remember that even though you are taking her children back to her, mother Edamame will start to throw her weirdly magical hat towards you. You will lose hearts each time it hits you. As a mother, she is still concerned about how you take her children from their bed with a rope for no reason at all.

Running away from flying hat in Secret Staycation.

By the way, it is important to know that mother Edamame’s hat will follow you outside that room as well. So, do not think that you are safe by going back to the corridor with the beds. You can still get hit by the hat.

Just like this, you are going to need to take all of the beans and take them back to their mother.

Taking the beans in Secret Staycation.

If you manage to take all three beans to their mother without dying, you are going to be able to get the Mameo as a new character skin.

This is how to get Mameo location in Secret Staycation, and we have so many questions about this obtainment method. First, why do we get inside their house and put a literal rope around the little baby beans who are sleeping soundly on their beds?

Why are we taking them back to their mother as if they are lost? Why mother Edamame keeps fighting us even though we are taking the babies to her? It goes on and on…

Getting Mameo in Secret Staycation.

Well, I guess it is better to say it is what it is. After this extremely questionable experience, little Mameo will be added to your collection.

Remember that there are a couple of other food types you can get with this new update, so make sure to take a look at our guides on Pineapple Location, Chicken Nugget Location, and Mangosteen Location as well.


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