Secret Staycation: How To Get Mamesuke Location

Return the babies to the mama!

Secret Staycation: How To Get Mamesuke Location

The cute Roblox experience Secret Staycation is about finding mischievous ‘lil beans and their friends, and this time we’re going to look for Mamesuke! There can be so many places the little bean can hide in, so if you’re getting lost, don’t worry. We know where he’s hiding, but don’t tell him we spilled it!

How To Get Mamesuke Location

To find Mamesuke, we must past a certain trial in this house, so we’ll start with how exactly to go there. Go past the Japanese tatami room with the sliding doors. At the end of the hallway is the toilet to your left which you can jump into.

SIDE NOTE: If you need help collecting other of the many food types available in the game, check out our guide on all food locations.

Where to start trial to get Mamesuke.

This is where you get to do a certain test. Don’t break the picture frames or you’ll start a hard mode.

Drag one of the bean child to trigger the bean mama. Your task now is to drop the 3 baby beans back to the mama. Do so by dropping them on the path where the mama will slide through.

Alternatively, you can just drop them on the entrance and then drag it to the mama when it stops. That counts as well. Do this and win 3 times to get Mamesuke! Win 2 times for Mameko and 4 times for the Butler Egg.

And that’s how you can get Mamesuke in Secret Staycation. But did you already know how to get the rarest badge in the game? Here’s a guide that shows you how to do just that.


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