Secret Staycation: How To Get Mangosteen Location

New fruits are here!

Have you ever wondered what your fruits and vegetables doing when you leave them alone? Well, it is a weird flex, but Secret Staycation gives you an insight into the lives of the food in your house. By gathering various food types and adding them to your collection, you can play this game and discover the hidden life of food. With the latest update, there are a couple of new ones that you can find. One of them is the Mangosteen.

With a very distinct look, mangosteen is a tropical fruit. It is well-known for having a tart and sweet flavor that is sometimes compared to a cross between strawberry, pineapple, and peach. In this guide, we are going to talk about how to get mangosteen location in Secret Staycation so that you can add this tropical fruit to your collection.

How To Get Mangosteen Location

The Mangosteen is actually one of the easiest fruits you can find in Secret Staycation. You do not need to have a certain fruit to get access to its location. This means that you can just go there by using the standard character.

SIDE NOTE: If you need help collecting other of the many food types available in the game, check out our guide on all food locations.

Mangosteen location starting point.

Now, let’s take a look at where to go to find the mangosteen. As always, you will start the game on the kitchen countertop. Jump down and take a turn to the right to leave the living room.

Heading to the toilet to find the Mangosteen in Secret Staycation.

From that point, go straight and reach the end of the corridor. You are going to see a door on your left. That is the door to the toilet. Yes, the mangosteen is located inside there…

Do not be shocked, you can find the fruits and vegetables all around the house in this game. It might be weird, but it is what makes the game funny.

Using the yellow step ladder to find the Mangosteen in Secret Staycation.

Now, you will see a little yellow toy step ladder with a bunch of magazines on it located right next to the toilet. Climb the stairs to get on top of the toilet.

In order to do that, you will need to get on the plank that connects the stairs and the shelf on the left. When you are in the middle, you will be able to reach the toilet.

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Mangosteen Location behind the toilet cover in Secret Staycation.

Now, you are going to need to jump behind the toilet cover to find the mangosteen. You will see it glowing there too. Be careful not to fall into the toilet while doing that though… for your own sake.

Mangosteen Location in Secret Staycation.

Once you manage to reach behind the toilet cover, you will automatically get the mangosteen. After that, you are going to be able to see this new fruit in your collection and use it as a character. Just go back to the fridge and you will be able to select it.

This is how to get mangosteen location in Secret Staycation. If you would like to see the other new additions to the game, make sure to check out our guides on Mameo Location, Pineapple Location, and Chicken Nugget location as well.


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