Secret Staycation: How To Get Pineapple Location

Oh, to be a pineapple chilling in the sink…

Did you see the new toilet update of Secret Staycation, but not very sure about how you are going to locate all these new food types in the house? Worry no more! This new update has a lot of content for you to discover and expand your fridge with new fruits and veggies. One of these fruits is the good old sweet pineapple! In this guide, we are going to show you how to get pineapple location in Secret Staycation so that you can experience what it is like to be a nice tropical fruit for once in your life.

How To Get Pineapple Location

Getting the pineapple in Secret Staycation is pretty easy, it is one of the fruits that you can find lying somewhere in the house.

Start with choosing a character skin for yourself from the fridge. As we said, it is very simple to get the pineapple so you do not need to get a certain food as your character. However, choose a food that is light and not to big because you will need to jump to reach the pineapple.

SIDE NOTE: If you need help collecting other of the many food types available in the game, check out our guide on all food locations.

Finding pineapple in Secret Staycation.

After choosing a skin, just jump down the kitchen countertop and go through the door on the right. Walk to the end of the corridor and reach the toilet by using the door on the left.

Heading to the pineapple location in Secret Staycation.

Once you reach the toilet, you will see a yellow toy step ladder next to the toilet. Get on top of it and walk to the plank next to it. Then, jump inside the toilet but do not let it flush you down. In order to do that, you should make sure that you do not jump right into the hole, but to the side inside.

Take a look at the picture below if you are feeling confused.

Jumping on the toilet to get the pineapple in Secret Staycation.

After that, you will basically rise to the sky! When it happens, you can see the pineapple chilling inside the sink. All you need to do is to get to that sink and when you are near the pineapple, you are going to automatically get it.

Pineapple location in Secret Staycation.

This is how to get pineapple location in Secret Staycation. We told you it was easy; it is not difficult like getting Mameo from the new Edamame Mansion at all. Before you leave, why not take a look at our other guides on Chicken Nugget Location, and Mangosteen Location as well? Spoiler alert, they are located in the same area!


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